10 Benefits of copy trading for new traders

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Trading can be daunting for beginners. Copying trades from more experienced traders is a great way to get to know the markets and improve your trading results.

Copy trading has many benefits, including access to strategies and knowledge from experienced traders, which can increase your confidence and save time.

We will explain briefly what copy trading is, and give you some insight into the benefits it could bring. Copy trading is a great option for beginners who don't have the time or desire to create their own trading strategies and follow the markets.

Copy trading is also appealing to traders who want to diversify their trading.

  • What is copy trading?

Copy trading allows traders to copy trades made by others.

You want to find an investor with a track record of success and copy their trades. Profit from their winning trades, and lose when they go wrong.

Get the copy trading app for your smartphone today to learn more. The Axi Copy Trading App was developed in partnership with London & Eastern LLP.

Copy trading has many benefits. Read the following to find out more and make a decision about whether copy trading is worth it.

  • Time Saving

It is no easy feat to become a successful trader. Some traders may not have the time or energy to pursue a career in trading, regardless of their day job.

However, this does not mean they have to give up on their dream of being a successful trader. Copy trading is a way to follow successful traders without the need for constant monitoring or manual intervention. To avoid losing more than you can handle, it is important to set the right risk parameters.

  • Great for new traders

The majority of copy trading platforms have an easy-to-use interface that is suitable for beginners. The classic trading platforms have a wide range of features that can be confusing for novice traders.

  • This allows someone to trade even though they have limited market knowledge.

An understanding of the market structure is essential for market analysis. This includes fundamental as well as technical. Although fundamental traders may not find technical analysis particularly helpful, vice versa, it is still beneficial to have a basic understanding of the concepts.

  • Learn how to trade from traders who have years of experience.

Some master traders may remain anonymous while others would prefer to create a community around them. This will enable you to exchange ideas and learn from other traders.

  • You can see the track record of various signal providers

Many copy trading apps will have a leaderboard that lists the top performing signal providers. Signal providers will usually have a profile on their copy trading app that allows you to see past performance. Although past performance does not necessarily indicate future results, traders can gain insight into the trading style and habits of the signal provider. A 50% drawdown on an account would be indicative that the signal provider is taking large risks. This would not suit all traders.

  • Risk management can be done more effectively

Trading is still risky even though copy trading is possible. The copy trading app allows traders to adjust risk parameters that will allow them keep their risk levels at a reasonable level. Traders can adjust their risk parameters, such as a maximum drawdown or whether they wish to replicate the trade size of a master trader.

  • Emotions are removed from trading decisions

One of the greatest challenges traders face is managing their emotions. It is why traders find it easier to make money on demo accounts (at least for the short-term), but have trouble when real money is involved.

Copy trading can be fraught with emotions. If a trade you copy is losing more than you expected, for example. You can still rely to a great extent on the master trader's decisions. Copy trading may be a better option if you notice that you get too emotional when manual trading and you close your winners quickly while letting your lose positions run free.

  • Diversification across different markets

Many traders choose their preferred trading tools because they are most comfortable with them or because it suits their strategy best. Copy trading gives you the opportunity to explore markets you may not have considered before. This is especially useful when your favorite trading instruments are experiencing low volatility that may limit your trading opportunities.

  • Signal providers have a potential source of income

If a trader is already making a profit and is happy with their performance, why don't you scale up the business to create more streams of income?

You can charge subscribers a subscription fee, which creates a fixed income stream for you, as well as a performance fees (creating an income stream that depends on your master trader performance). Learn more about the benefits to becoming a signal provider.

  • Not only for beginners, but also for experienced traders

Copy trading can be helpful to traders who don't have the time or desire to trade on their own. Copy trading is a great way to diversify your portfolio.

A trader might feel most comfortable with a swing trading strategy, but they could copy someone who is successful at scalping. Copy trading may be an option if their strategy is not performing well, or they have limited trading opportunities.


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