The World’s Largest Social Network Is Not Facebook - Part 1

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Picture Yourself in the Late 80’s and Early 90’s.


It wasn’t just about Madonna and Guns N’ Roses.

We were introduced to the cell phone, while Gorbachev promoted Perestroika and Glasnot, and before we know it the Berlin Wall (and USSR) came tumbling down.

Soon, Tim Berners-Lee began experiencing labor pains as he gave birth to the internet, and in the blink of an eye - the Cold War ended.

Phew, that was quick - thank goodness we survived the imminent nuclear holocaust that had been predicted to wipe out the human race.

More importantly we defeated those dastardly Ruski’s.

Let’s all catch our collective breaths for a minute as we allow ourselves to be swept up in a brief moment of universal euphoria! It’s time for us all to bunker down in our nuclear fallout shelters for the first time and celebrate this historic moment.

There are no more enemies - it’s all over - the world is united and for a brief moment in time we are unified, focused and collectively celebrating our commonalities.

What Now?


The enemy has been defeated - what shall we do with ourselves and our huge military budgets they asked? How can we justify our very existence? If we don’t find a new, a more permanent enemy, soon, we will all be out of work.

During the course of the Cold War we developed a global network of data collection mechanisms. We have thousands of employees and informants on our payroll. Our efforts cannot have been for naught just because some stupid wall on the other side of the world came down.

We Need a New Plan!

New Strategy.jpg

The most critical issue that we now face is finding new roles for all of the people that we have on the payroll. We also need to keep feeding the military industrial complex and keep the publics attention focused on the enemy - only one problem - we don’t have an enemy.

Johnny quickly chimed in and suggested - if we can’t find an enemy - we may as well create one. Johnny was immediately lauded for his brilliance.

Now that we’ve solved the ‘enemy’ problem what are we to do with the sheer volume, velocity and variety of data that we are collecting daily? It’s simply too much information, and it’s moving too quickly - we need a solution and we need it fast.

We already have way more data than we can handle but we can’t turn off the tap now - we need to keep our foot on the accelerator - we need more data they concluded.

More data the better is our motto they reminded themselves - we love data and we want all of it. Let’s collect as much data as we can and try to figure out what to do with it all later.

SARC - SIGINT Automation Research Center


Fast forward to 1992 and the creation of SIGINT Automation Research Center [SARC].

Let’s grab raw data directly from the telecoms and ISP’s cable, satellite and fiber networks.

Now that we’ve got the data collection issue sorted, let’s now turn our attention towards processing the data and building the worlds largest social network/graph.

What does one do with the tens of terabytes of data that we are collecting per minute they ask themselves? We don’t have enough staff to look at it, digest it and connect it. There's just too much data. There has to be a better way!

Johnny chimed in once again - he had recently been promoted to be the head of SARC, the newly created top-secret data gathering program.

He proposed that they should use the metadata that is already embedded in the raw data, that they were already collecting, so that they could more easily identify who communicated with who.

Let’s build social networks all around the world - about every human-being on the planet, and identify who communicates with who, and when.

We can then isolate all of the bad guys e.g terrorists, drug dealers and money launderers etc by their social networks.

Johnny told the mainstream media to spread the message that - if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to be worried about - the masses understood the message, they complied and they thought that it was a brilliant idea.

Johnny would never lie to them - we must all unite and stop the common enemy - but we still don’t have an enemy some people said.

Johnny reminded his inner circle that they will create the enemy later and when they do, they will share it with the public - he told them to remain focused on their mission - collect more data.

Johnny got another promotion, and once again - he was lauded for his brilliant mind.

The Church Committee of 1975


The Church Committee basically recommended - if you collect data that involves a US citizen - you must go through a process e.g warrants, so as to ensure that the collection of the data was not a violation of that persons constitutional rights.

Firstly, how did we collect the data, and secondly, if we do collect the data how do we get rid of the data and purge it from the database and come out looking squeaky clean?

Johnny proposed that we must first acquire the data and that they never want to purge the data - they want to keep secretly keep all of it for eternity.

He reminded them that the worlds largest social network/graph must the built, one way or another.

Johnny got another promotion.

They soon discovered that the communications of U.S. citizens was in the data that they had been collected internationally.

When you collect data from any fiber-optic cable, anywhere in the world, sooner or later you're going to collect the data of US citizens. Some of the traffic may get routed through various POP’s (points-of-presence) and US citizens anywhere in the world are soon caught in its trawl-net.

You didn’t even need to travel abroad to get caught up in it back in the 90’s.

A simple phone call from LA to New York could go to Asia before it is routed to New York - in the telco world that is called Least Cost Routing (LCR). If you're already collecting data in Asia you are going to collect the data that is being passed across those fiber lines and you will collect the data of US citizens illegally, whether you intended to or not - they secretly intended to.

If you really wanted to alleviate this issue - you only need to be able to recognize the POO (point of origin) of the phone call (or email), which, by the way is very easy to do, even back in the 90’s. Any call or internet traffic originating from the US could have been very easily purged before it entered the SARC databases. That seemed to too simple, and legal - let's just keep collecting US data as well they surmized.

But how do we legally collect the data of US citizens (and everyone else in the world) and get away with it they asked themselves?

Johnny had another ah-ha moment

Seeing that we are targeting groups it makes sense that we only target known groups and encrypt the data of US citizens so that it is not recognizable to anyone. We will tell everyone that when we encrypt data, it's like it was never there to begin with.

Brilliant idea Johnny - let’s encrypt and suppress all of the data of US citizens - problem solved.

Or was it?

Now we are only were dealing with the metadata that is left behind he proclaimed - we have filtered out all of the data that we don’t need, and the data of US citizens is encrypted and stored away in a safe place - now we can focus on the ‘bad guys’ - but now that the Cold War has ended and the Ruski’s have been defeated who are the bad guys again?

We will create the enemy later Johnny reminded them - don’t worry about that for now - let’s just keep collecting as much data as we can about every human-being on the planet.

Yes sir they said - Operation ThinThread was now in play!

Their data collection practises were constitutionally acceptable and they passed the FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] test.

Or so they thought!

To be continued…


This is Part 1 into the TRUE backstory of how the worlds largest social network was created by SARC and the NSA.

If this true story has tweaked your interest - consider following me!

If you seek truth, you have found a home.

Truth Fears No Investigation!

Till next time…

Love, Peace & Truth

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Wow, just wow.

When you create a machine like The military industrial complex it takes on a life of its own. As you said the machine must eat and create work for itself.

This is seen in almost all government initiatives Prison industrial complex, the war on drugs, the war on poverty, the list goes on.

I'm looking forward to the rest of your series. It's brilliant so far.

Thanks. Resteeming.

What a brilliant story.
Great work buddy.

Thanks at @tremendospercy - appreciate it!

I wish that it wasn't true but we both know that it is!

What a bunch of CREEEEEEEEEPS! Oooh it's just infuriating because they don't catch bad guys, they are the freekin' bad guys. The only people they bust are the ones who are interfering with their monopoly on Big Crime!

Well written, yes, I'll be back for part 2. :)

Well said, they don't catch the bad guys because they are the bad guys. You know it!

Great story mate. Loking forward to seeing the next one. Will upvote soon :)

No! Not a great story. A horrible, horrifying story.
One in which only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

These people want power. Power to control everyone, so that they will never be in danger. They will stop at nothing to get that power. Nothing. Even if they have to create an entirely new govern-cemental entity that siphons off money from the first.

That may be true, but it was a great article. Well written, well researched and well laid out.

I suspect that all three of us know who those names are - most people don't. I have learned that the red pill is too much for most people to digest in one sitting.

If you'd like to discuss please join me (and many others) on the (PAL) Truth channel on discord -

Thanks for speaking your mind @gohba.handcrafts

Man, imagine when comes online. This whole thing is oneward and upward, crypto is a boom like no other!

wow looks like a sick ass project just signed up for the email updates.

Thanks for the heads up on this project.

Yeah no problem bro, I think I'll post on it and do some updates on info I get. Coming at a perfect time while YouTube is demonetizing people left and right!

Yeah this product is a perfect alternative right when we need it. I signed up for the telegram channel. Do you now if its going to be using steemit code?

I didn't know about but I'm now subbed and I am very interested in what they are up to. Thanks for sharing this info @rawpride.

P.S. I've seen first-hand what medicinal cannabis does and I know that it is a very important medicine.

Keep Steemin!

I am grateful for your account because you are spreading so much info that people need to know about. It is through people such as yourself that makes the world a better place through exposing the truth. Thank you @steemtruth

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement @awarenessraiser. It is greatly appreciated!

Hi @SteemTruth, Nice blog post! Keep up the good work.

By the way, I tried using html to make image credits in one of my posts clickable and steemit did not allow me to do so. Can you share how did you do it? I'll appreciate it. Followed and upvoted!

Steemit uses 'Markdown" instead of HTML.

I upload my images to

Link to a markdown cheatsheet -

The best thing that you can do is join the Minnow Support Group on PAL - this is the link -

There are many people waiting to help you.

I guess the rabbit hole runs a lot deeper than what an average truther might anticipate at first!

it sure does

Great read.

I read somewhere that the US will be able to track and monitor in real time the entire worlds data by 2018.

I also believe the big super computer they use for some of their analysis is called The Hammer and is at the Navy Research laboratory in Washington D.C. But I haven't researched it myself personally.

Shared Etc, Thanks


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

You are right about The Hammer. Dennis Montgomery built it and he blew the whistle. I was thinking of including later in this series. I'm going to talk about ThinThread, 9/11, PRISM and some other secret programs in my next article.

I read somewhere that the US will be able to track and monitor in real time the entire worlds data by 2018.

I haven't read that but it would not surprise me. I'm sure that they already have real-time monitoring going on right now e.g. let's say that they have a voice recording of a person (probably most of us), when that person makes a phone call the NSA systems use voice recognition software and it raises an alert and add it to the social graph. The software is constantly scanning over all of our calls. If Shazam and Sound Hound can recognize songs I'm sure that the NSA can recognize any voice once they have it in their database.

I believe you have to hit certain intel criteria from more traditional surveillance analysis before you are realtime monitored digitally. I expect every criminal, terrorist and government are realtime monitored but not us yet. Most data capture and storage is used for retrospective investigations at the moment. Eg if they catch someone doing something illegal they can go back and check their internet activity and communications.

Looking forward to the Prism stuff. Steemit wasn't around when that first come out so I doubt there is much of it on the blockchain.


I expect every criminal, terrorist and government are realtime monitored but not us yet.

I agree. I probably didn't word it right. What I was trying to say was that once they've flagged you in the the system they can monitor you in real-time, including voice recognition.

Thanks @fortified

Oh yeah for sure. Then they have your whole life. They have some scary technology.

Who said that conspiracies aren't true? Interesting how everything is cataloged these days.

Damn man, you don't screw around. You have some amazing content.
I find it pretty mind boggling how much data is being collected on us daily. So nuts man! I have no choice but to upvote, tweet, resteem and comment :)

Thank you very much for the support and helping to spread the truth with others. Good on you @joeyrocketfilms

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