How to Powerup your Blog

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@gtg the witnesses deem these posts not worthy....

Also I have my blogs compiled into eBooks on Amazon.


While having clickbaity titles and typing in words that will fool an algorithm does a good job in getting traffic. I believe the market has moved on to newer strategy that emphasizes on relationship with your viewers and users through communication and social media sharing.

@coingecko is actively on Steem, and you can see that as a crypto price data website, they really stand by their ethos of Crypto. Choosing steem because it is decentralized.

I highly recommend you follow them on here.

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Thanks I'll check it out

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Your blog is really very useful for us.. So thank you so much @steeminfobot

Thank you so much Dear For Giving Us This Information.. 😊

No worries, glad you find it useful!

This is a very nice content which gives good guidelines in other to attract viewers from reading your content with genuine reasons. I really appreciate this thanks for enlighten us

I appreciate your feedback - thanks!

Thank you man! This is great also for steemit articles. I will use this guide on my next posts. Good quality advice :)

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Really glad you found it useful. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Really interesting post! Thanks very much. Upvote & Follow!

This is a really helpful article! You can use this knowledge not only for Blogs but also for YouTube and other social media channels.
Thank you!

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Yes, I use the same tricks on all channels

I will use this as another great tool to guide me in my other posts

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Glad you found it useful

Simple enough. Also, using one image every 200 - 250 words while also using short paragraphs helps a lot.

I agree! Thanks for reading!

This is a fabulous concept.....i like this

Glad you found it useful. Thanks for reading

Am all in this article. clearly defines some of the strategies I tried using but Iwas not sure whether i was on the right track but after reading this, am glad I was on the right track. merci

You are most welcome

I am definitely going to make use of this for my blog. Thanks for sharing

Thank you for reading and commenting!

Thank you, really very useful information.

Glad you found it useful!

Hi, do you think the type of writing used is also important? for example everything in the title in capital letter ... which do you recommend?

Hey, Thanks for the question!, All caps usually comes across as yelling, so if its a loud proud statement you can use all caps. I use titlecase in most situations like this post!

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I do blogging for long time now and it's really hard for me to make a leap.

i agree, it is not easy to gain traction. Good luck!

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Thanks for the information, greetings

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Thanks for the tips, there are many tutorials on the internet about it, but I don't know, if I always looked to my native language in Spanish, I didn't notice the impact of the combination between numbers and keywords in the post titles. This could prove to me.