Temporary Conditions

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“It’s only temporary...” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve uttered those words over the last year. 1 month from now we will move for the 3rd time in 13 months. Inconveniences. Delays. Storage space. Broken equipment. Shopping. Selling. Schlepping what’s left from place to place to place in duffel bags. This has been our life for a while.


So, “just deal because it’s only temporary,” is a common phase that comes up. However now I’ve heard myself begin to use this phrase regarding habits, procedures, and other things that need to be address, but that I want to put off until our move is settled. 😬

The thing is - It’s ALL only temporary. Everything... everyone... Habits are harder to correct later than to establish well in the first place. So putting things off until we are settled in our permanent home won’t make them any easier to deal with then than now.


Bottom Line: Do it now whatever needs addressed. Say what you need to say. No more delays or avoidances. Things won’t be easier later. That’s only a mind trick. All situations are temporary. Make the most of the time you have left wherever you are in life.


Meandering through the maze of life becomes rather montonous when we realize we've been there before.......... You make that room look kool as hell by the way. Nicely done.

Good reflection indeed everything is temporary but this is not a excuse to make things happen and make the changes we need to happen to thrive. Keep on in there it is coming along nicely from what I've read 💯🐒

I can relate to wanting things to be perfect and well laid but in reality, it can never be.

All situations are temporary. So true and real. I was off here because of issues I had but I'm happy to be back.

Please check on this post ma

Thanks so much

... living on planet earth is temporary too.

Exactly! Everything is simply dust in the wind. Either let things go or get on with it. Enjoy the now (gah... so many clichés there and trite saying. But they’re all true )

Change is the only constant. Good trip my friend

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