Nico Update

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This crazy guy 😆 I haven’t given a Nico update lately, but he is here and still very happy.


He has a little ear infection and hasn’t been able to go to the beach for 10 days.


It hurts my heart to watch him look out the window and bark at the people and others dogs down there enjoying themselves, and yet I can’t take him down to enjoy it.


Only 1 more week of keeping the ears dry for full healing to go...then back to the beach!



Aww poor guy! I hope he's better soon and out on the beach havin some fun! Great pics and a beautiful dog he is!

3 more days... then we are hitting the beach with him!

Must be hard for him... like me having to work, when I hear all the other guys out on their motorcycles. Love the photo with the rainbow :-)

Yes, it’s hard when you can hear your buddies out there having fun but can’t join in.

I create a new project of hostle dogs at my home every week I meet new dogs from different countries.

this Elyse from England


This Sky from Seberia


and this lucky

How cute!

¡Que lindo!

Oh, poor dog! Stay home when everyone's having fun on the beach! I wish him a speedy recovery )

Thanks, my friend 🙏🏽

Hope the dog fully recovered from ear infections. I will be waiting to hear from you as I like dogs. They are the most loyal animal in the world. Though the dog was staying inside the room, enjoying the beauty of sea through the window. Specially the rainbow:) 🌈
Really nice looking dog. Take care.

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