Why your blog concept matters so much..

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This topic might be an eyeopener if you are new to blogging and if you have heard of it before it still might be a good idea to think about it again. Im on an airplane now , travelling from London City Airport to Düsseldorf, Germany. 75 minutes flight time. I like beeing up in the sky and i believe some of the best ideas arose from being high above the clouds.
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It matters. Sure, you are allowed to write about everything you want, people have different hobbys and its good that we are unique and can express our own personality. But i guess you want your blog to be seen and read by people. So blogging should always be that two-sided thing, you share your view and ideas , but should get to know your audience as well. They have expectations when reading your blog and they don't want their time to be wasted. Im convinced that your posts should be about something you are interested or passionate about. When you are excited about a topic, theres a good chance your post will be exciting to read as well.

Personality is definitely a good thing, people are looking for authenticy, for“something real”. But they are looking for value as well. Time is an important factor in our everyday live. we get bombarded with information the whole day, online and offline. As a consequence we learned too filter “is this important right now or not” and that filter is working really good, for most of the people its a matter of seconds.

Imagine you are passionate about sportscars and cinema and working out. You also are interested in finances and a little bit gaming. Should you blog about all of these topics? No, you should not. Here is why:

Your audience might be interested in one or two of these topics, but they will likely get annoyed with a lot of the other topics. For them its not different to spam, its just not relevant. The competition is big, there are a lot of guys and girls blogging just about a particular topic . You can't be an expert on so many different levels.
If you do 5 different topics, you have to find people who are interested in the majority of them. Another example:

Where would you rather have your pizza:
At an italian pizza restaurant run by a family or at a restaurant that serves pizza, burger , chinese ,sushi and iceacream at the same time? We assume the italian restaurant will have the better pizza, right?
People are not reading your blog because of you, they are reading it because of them.
They might like your personality or your views, but they want to be entertained or to be informed about a certain topic. You are the one building that expectation with the concept of your blog and in some way you have to stick with it if you want to keep your audience happy. Otherways they will look for alternatives.

So take a moment to think about what you want to write about in general. There are symbiosis that are easy possible. For example fitness and healty food or Travel and photography.
The concept of my blog is to provide value to minnows and if possible advanced users too, by tutorials, with relevant news, by questioning the reader and with giveaways as a small support as well. I still might change my concept a little bit, but the foundation is made. I won’t blog about sports ,politics or music unless its highly related to steemit, though these are definitely topics im interested in as well.

Take 10minutes and think about your own blog. Do you have a concept? If not write one down. Do your topics stand in harmonyy with each other? What changes should you make?

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Can't agree more...I think that is the main reason I started following your blog...I'm fairly new to blogging and trying to hone my blogging skills every day...it's very important as a new blogger to have an open mind and an attitude to learn from others...looking forward to more helpful tips from your side.


Hi there, glad you could benefit from it. Keep up at that learning curve .


Hi @steemboys I've written an article about you, check it out if you can, thanks.

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very detailed post,nicely explained

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I know that for days you wrote this blog but now I know you! Your post has left me thinking because I have not searched for a concept for my blog, I've never really been good to write and now I'm dare, but it's not easy.
Escibo about my experiences and oppositions about what I consider values ​​but I would like you to see my blog not with the intention that I vote (although I would love) but what I would really like is that you could advise me, I will be grateful!