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If you watched the game against Brighton, there are 2 positives you can take away; but unfortunately non of these is the game; it wasn't an entertaining one....

First point

Well done Brighton!! This team was in the Champions League last year and then this year they go to Old Trafford and proved to be a real pain in the ass challenge (if you are a Man Utd fan). Great defensive and an overall ALL IN performance.

Second point

39 games at home in a row without a single loss!! That is a new record that was established in Sir Matt Busby's time between 1964-66.

Old Trafford became a real fortress and no team should take this lightly!!

Third point

Although I said 2 points only - let me just slip this one on the list too.
Lindelof WOW

check his challenge out here

Thank you as always,

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