Punta Ballena Lighthouse: Storytime of how much I thought I could climb it on foot

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Hello friends, this time I am going to tell you a story that happened based on my growing belief that I can walk everywhere hahahahaha. This time the destination is the Punta Ballena Lighthouse, on the Isla de Margarita. Let's delve a little into it, about it:

One of the first stops that tourists must make and that they cannot miss because it is one of the main and most important tourist attractions of Margarita is the imposing Punta Ballena Lighthouse; It is located in the city of Pampatar in the La Caranta sector and was inaugurated in 2007.

It has a prodigious and spectacular 360-degree observation angle of Margarita and the Caribbean Sea; especially throughout the Pampatar region, as well as the Porlamar Coast, Las Salinas, Cerro El Copey and the Castillo de San Carlos de Borromeo. It is an establishment for military purposes but it is always open to the general public.

The impressive Punta Ballena Lighthouse is the motionless guardian of the Pampatar coast, since the sunset dazzles the whole place with its brightness. Thanks to the movement of its light it carefully flashes over the sea and over those mysterious places and long roads. The function of this structure is not only limited to serving as a guide for sailors and fishermen, but it is daily the tourist portal for all seasoned tourists who want to visit it and take one of the best memories engraved in their memory.

The enormous tower measures 28 meters, has 8 balconies and has an architectural style alluding to the forts of the Spanish colonial period. During the ascent up the stairs you will be able to perceive a soft gust of marine air and on your last terrace you will see a magnificent 360-degree panorama of the entire margariteño territory adorned by the green of nature, the turquoise hues of the sea and numerous birds that fly over the sky blue sky.


I should start this story, telling you about my experience with this tourist site. In total, I have visited it if I remember correctly, about 5 times. 4 of them before this story, and I was going with someone who was driving a car. I think the origin of it all started when I walked down it once because my dad couldn't go looking for us, and you have to go by car, because no type of public transport passes through this area. As I was accompanied by my family and we were talking, I was young, I was 14 years old, I think I did not notice how far it is.

So I had a long time without going, the last time being a university trip in my first semester as part of a subject. So I had a friend who had never been, and I said: We have to go! It's an incredible place! And then we both planned to go there, I suggested that we go by taxi, but we both agreed that it would be more exciting to walk, so this was the plan. I really thought it was close. However, the plan never happened, my friend canceled me for work and we did not go.

Months later my best friend told me that he had never been there either. And I could not believe it again and then when his birthday came I said Come on! We invited other friends and everyone really believed in my enthusiasm that we could walk up. And so it was but since it was raining that day, a friend did not leave in sports shoes, so we ended up in the mall, I was disappointed. But she called her boyfriend and he said, I can take them.

So when we were on the road telling him that he wanted to walk to the top he said that we were crazy, and as the road went on I realized that: Yes, we were crazy. It is a long journey. At least from where we thought to walk. Very long actually.


I don't know how it occurred to me that we could walk without much effort. But I was wrong and it's funny that we almost tried. The good: my friend met the lighthouse, I saw it again, and the truth is that the view is worth the world. I just want to clarify that if you can walk, but it is too much effort.

That's it, the photos are from that trip. You like them?