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Check out my new website for more.
🌎 Better me, better you, better world
💪 Personal growth & self-improvement
🔥 Spreading the fire of education, reason and love ❤️
🖖 Live long and prosper 😊

A New Age of Reason And Enlightenment Is Dawning

Very dramatic title, much wow! Alternate, more honest and accurate title: Some eternally optimistic dude on the internet has delusions of grandeur and oh by the way he’s selling stuff that nobody needs, too.

Those are the introductory words of my new blog's first article. Initially, I had a much bigger project planned. Due to personal and lately also geopolitical circumstances, I decided to create a personal website and launch it as quickly as possible. You can listen to the audio version of my articles, thanks to Amazon Polly/Amazon Web Services automatization. Blogcast = Blog + Podcast.

Since I'm a perfectionist, I have to force myself to just put stuff out there. Even when I'm not completely satisfied with the result and it may feel unfinished and far from perfect to me. The amount of work and time I'd have to invest into my work, be it a picture or a blog article, to get it to 100% (which is impossible to reach anyway), stands in no relation to the potentially achievable quality benefit. I like to refer to the Pareto principle or 80/20 rule which states that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

I'll keep using Steemit for my meta-articles like this one. To share behind the scenes stuff about my content creation. This fits the demographic and target audience on Steemit way better anyway. At least that's my subjective impression based off feelings. Am I correct to assume that there are mostly creators and entrepreneurs on Steemit, and a very small percentage of "normal", everyday social media consumers? Also, I think the backlinks to my website and blog articles will help with visibility in Google searches.
🌎Better me, better you, better world
💪Personal growth & self-improvement
🔥Spreading the fire of education, reason and love ❤️
🖖Live long and prosper 😊

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Any feedback is highly appreciated!
Let me know what you think...general thoughts, tips, tricks, questions, advice, funny comments, disses, bashes, whatever!

Thank you to everybody 😘.

Have fun and stay awesome! ❤️ 🖖

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