Why does Musing give small upvote to questions and larger to answers?

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Good question.
Why do you question on musing.io?
If you do question on musing for reward than this is wrong. Doing a question doesn't add much value to the platform and this is the reason behind tiny upvote to question.
Now think about those who do answer your questions. They always try to make you guys understand by answering your question and try to discuss on your question elaborately. So they are adding the value to the platform and deserve the reward most.
And the most important thing, you should not ask question for reward but for gathering knowledge or knowing.
If you are doing on that purpose then you are getting benefit as people are answering your question and trying to make you understand.
So why don't you give him a reward for answering your question out?
You need not to do, as musing.io is doing this for you. Musing upvotes the best answer for question.
So, i think you should change your view. If you use musing for knowing stuffs then this will really going to benefit you.
You can also earn rewards by answering. Try to give the est answer to questions and get the reward fro musing.

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How much of an upvote so they give on an answer.

It depends. Most of the time 1+ and sometime 2 or 3+

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