What is earning you right now the most passive income?

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For me it's steem blockchain. I am earning around 16$ per month passively on this stage of steem price.

I know this is very low by amount. But i have investested nothing but my time and gathered about 1000 sp. And now i am getting around 16$ per month by curating and vote selling.
Half of my vp goes for curating and rest for vote selling.

So if you want passive income you can invest on steem or can earn sp by spending your time creating content. I have spend about 8 months to gather 1000 SP and now i am getting my passive income and i am very much happy with it.
The earning will be low according to investment for now, but when steem price will rise you will be on moon for sure

This is the end of my blog. Thanks for your time to read my blog.

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See you guys later.
Till then stay safe, be happy and keep doing good things.
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I am sure soon you get more... when steem up you get earn more :)

How do you think what is more profitable to sell your votes or delegate SP to such services like Minnowbooster or Smartsteem?
How soon you began to receive your passive income after you joined to Steemit ?

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