Building a Recording Studio

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Building a Recording Studio

I am building a recording studio in an out building I have. It used to be the previous owners workshop. Needless to say it was very dirty and some of the elements have gotten in.

The ceiling before I scrapped it was old nasty popcorn ceiling . I had to spray it with a copious amounts of water literally from the garden hose so it would be less dusty. This was by far the worst part.

The walls were mint green. It is possible when then old owner picked this color he asked for the color of his favorite ice cream . Ugggg! It had a lot of damage to it and I had to prime them twice and patch a ton. Seems like never ending patch work. I am guessing this hasn’t been updated since the 70’s. I think I still hear The Bay City Rollers playing in the there somtimes:) It’s Saturday Night Everynight!


The colors I chose is a navy blue and a light grey. Something chill and relaxing. Hey! Just like me!

This is the first coat. I will have to tape and then fix the mess ups and then put hopefully a final coat on it

My plan for the floor is to stain the concrete and give it an industrial feel. Not sure what color yet but maybe a rustic orange. Something similar to below.E9A502D9-4A45-4260-A3ED-ABD39ED552DD.jpeg

I will document the progress as I do more work. It’s really a dream come true and I am excited to start giving guitar and pro audio lessons, while also having a fully functional recording studio.



Wow, cool blue instead of ice cream pistachio ?
Very cool..that place needs a real initiation ,rock that place
out and soak it with sound, with your best amp.
Set the vibe,tuning in at 432hz... with your volume at least to 9....;) then it will be perfect.

That’s the plan! Still a work in progress but it’s coming alone. That’s for the comment!

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Welcome to Steemit! There are a lot of cool people on here. I have only been on a month and have found a lot of nice people. Followed.

Great ! I'm here for less than one week and i have the same feeling ! a lot of interactions between the steemians and a really nice atmosphere. I'm glad to connect and i'm looking forward to reading your next posts. Peace. CS

Looks good! I dream of the day I get a space like that to call my own. That floor treatment looks like the way to go, and orange + blue is a great color combo.

Hey, do you have an update on the progress of your studio?

Kinda ran out of money. Did just buy a new pc for protools. Need a few mics. I will post new
Pic soon thanks for asking!

I’d love to see more of your work. I know exactly how hard the job is as well as how big and overwhelming the dreams can be. I’ve been building a studio myself for the past one year. I wish you all the best and hope to see more of your project!