Guitars and Star Wars

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Two of My Favorite Things

Guitars and Star Wars

This the my main guitar. It is a Paul Reed Smith 24 with a quilt pattern. It was a limited run. I still have the receipt, of which I bought it from Sam Ash in White Plains, NY.

I get a lot of offers on it because it was a limited and pre factory PRS . This makes up for the Ibanez Jem 77 I sold for $500.00.

I use a Ibanez Tube Sreamer and a Phase 90 and that’s pretty much it. Sometimes I use the Carbon Copy from MXR.



It's way too late to upvote this post but I wanted to comment on it anyway. That's a really nice guitar! And Star Wars, yep, I'm a big fan also!
What kind of sound do you get from the tube screamer? Is it a smooth distortion, or a snarly distortion like a Rat pedal?
Being primarily a bass player, I haven't used very many pedals.

Hi. A tube screamer is really smooth. Not crunchy like a rat or some of the boss pedals. It’s subtle overdrive. Happy Star Wars day!

Beautiful guitar! You should give us a taste of the sound!

Thanks! I will def! Still trying to get the hang of Steemit.

Beautiful piece of Art! Give us a hear! My man has a strat that I brought for him from E.J guys should jam sometime.


That's a nice guitar!!! Always wanted a Strat! jealous!