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I'm a Goomba in Utah

3 years ago 6 months 23 days and 4 min as of this post I left New York and moved to Utah. At the time it seemed like a good idea but I did not realize how much culture shock there would be. Utah is not a bad place, but these are some of my experiences as a guy from New York trying to assimilate and live in Utah.

One of the first things that happened to me was when I ordered my first pizza. This is what I am used to, there was probably 5 pizzerias on my block in New York.

Hot Pie! A Penne Vodka Pizza!

Penne Vodka Pizza.JPG
This is from Venetian Delight off Central Ave in Yonkers, NY

However, this is what I got!

I cried a little when this was delivered to me!

Notice the hard thin crust and the cheese that looks like something other than mozzarella. I bet they didn't even put a little parmigiano mixed in with the cheese. Marone! That is blasphemy!

I will keep looking for that confounded slice and when I find it I will be the happiest guy in Utah! Wish me luck.

Stay tuned for other posts about living in this land of Wonder bread and Jello!



Yep, I don't think that the present ancestors of Joseph Smith have the essential taste buds that will be required to make a a quality goomba pizza. Utah is a beautiful state but the culture seems a bit white bread and bland...yet this just might be your Pleasantville...black and white right now, but when you wake up tomarrow you will find the colorful Italian delight you wished for...but this time it might be a chopan vodka slice of goodness...upvoted and followed, thanks for the vote on my comment .

Thanks for the comment. I followed you back!