A Goomba in Utah II

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Shortly after I arrived in Salt Lake City, I was told there was an Italian festival nearby. I was excited because it was my chance to have some food I really missed and meet some new people. I really wasn't expected what was going to happen that day.


I was amazed, at the lack of people. I was expecting so much more! The first thing I noticed, no kids running around. Where are the kids? Where are the kids running around, with parents yelling names like Rocco, Alphonse and Vincent. Where is Little Tony, Fat Tony, Tone, Small head Nunzio and Nunzio Gandi. Where was I? Ohh I forget , I am in Utah.
No problem, I can adjust, off to the food tents....

OK where are the food tents. A burrito? No No No.....
Where are the sausage and meatballs, the lasagna the fresh mozzarella and roasted peppers. Where is the pizza the stombolis the fruta de mar!

Where is the desert tents with truffoli the zeppolies an d the Tartufo and the Italian ices. Where is the tent with the....
Good God ,where are the damn cannolis!

I would like to have a sausage and pepper sandwich or a a plate of lasagna right this very instant! Wishful thinking!

It confused me and I felt dizzy. I felt like Rocky Balboa, fighting Apollo Creed in the 15th round. I was fighting the confusion and I was losing myself. Mick, throw the towel!I could see me disappearing. I was loosing me. What was going to happen to me? Will I become more white? Will Wonder Bread replace my love for a nice roll. Will I want ketchup with my pasta? Very few people are like me here and have the same belief system from what I am used to. I left this gathering with more questions than answers.