Thank you. Judging by the interest, I figured nobody wanted to read anything I wrote. I guess I need to build up followers. The pictures are pretty crazy, so I thought I had better throw some in. Pixabay is my new favourite place.

I was starting to think nobody really reads anything around here.
Now I am just stalking 😂

Its hard to get good stuff out there sometimes! I would say definitely get out there and comment on others stuff that you like, communicate, follow the ones you really like and with good meaningful comments they will follow back. You really are a trip, I love the way you write. Also look up @newbieresteemday, I know a lot of them there would love your writings! They can really help to get your stuff out there. Great little community! I probably wouldve given up if it werent for them.

Okay cool. I will check them out. I try to comment on posts I like, but it is hard to find good content some days. Especially if you look on the trending page.

STAY AWAY FROM THE TRENDING PAGE!! Its all bull shit! Them people dont make it that high for good content, they buy their way up there! Trending and Hot pages are shit, plain and simple! Youre more likely to find good content on the new page. Truthfully, give @newbieresteemday, @davemccoy, @madcat36, @deliberator, @beeyou, all great people who are involved in the group, a look and if your interested and have Discord I can invite you to that too. I know thats a lot of name dropping but that waytheyll see and can maybe comment and help you out a bit!

I have always seen the sweet side of you @smylie2005. I love this kickass side! Way to go!!

Thanks for tagging me. I had such a good laugh. He really is good!

HAHA! Ialways show the sweet side first... that way youll fall in love with me and have to except me when the kick ass side comes out! BAHAHA!

I am loving the badass side of you!!!!

Dont’t look at the upvote count to gauge quality content. Sadly, a lot of talented authors do go unnoticed. Best way to start is to meet other people. Comment on other’s posts. Make friends. These are the ones that will support you. You might get lucky and get discovered for your writing talent, but the chance is slim if you don’t know the right people. It really is vital on here to meet other people and join communities. We have a great one at #newbieresteemday if you are interested. You’ve already met @smylie2005, one of our fabulous cheerleaders!

Yes, I will definitely be looking into more ways to connect. It's hard when working full-time and trying to balance. I really don't understand what newbieresteemday is, but I'll check out the tag and look around. Thanks a lot.

Sure, check out the communities when you have time. I work full-time too so I understand when pesky life gets in the way of steemit time.

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