Indian Institute of Management Bengaluru tour! Part-2

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If you haven't checked the Part1 yet then you are missing out on the lovely green entrance and the architectural beauty of the campus check it out in the link below!

Lets begin the Part-2 by having a look at the wonderful ground of IIM-B

A huge ground with nice green grass well maintained! Students play cricket, soccer here. In the side of the ground is the new wing student hostel!


This is the tiny planet view of the happening hostel! Now imagine that lovely view of the ground from your hostel room window..

Blissful evenings at IIM-B

Evenings become blissful at the campus. You can see the lovely sunset from the ground, take a jog in the campus with such lovely sunshine all around or just sit on one of the benches cherishing the calmness around you.

Nature paints the Bengaluru sky beautifully everyday, the campus views and some hot tea with cashew cookies make the evenings special!

Aerial View of the lush greenery of the campus, isn't it mind blowing?

Some more pictures of the lovely walls..

The Auditorium-IIM-B has a huge auditorium..

Here all indoor events happen, stand up comedy, lecture series, classical music, rock bands you name it and this stage has seen it all!

In this picture the auditorium is jam packed and people are even sitting on the stair to listen to the Youth and Truth talk of Sadhguru who is a yogi!

One of the Stand Up comedy shows organized by the chips brand called bingo! This event is called Bingo Adda..

The Mustard Cafe


A small world inside the world, that's what this campus means to those few lucky students who make it here after putting in so much of hard work to make that luck work for them.

I'm humbled and glad to be a part of something which takes me to such great places, in my case most of it is the Luck play may be!

If you want to see literally a lit campus life then IIMB is ThePlacetoB.. Winked at a group of students chilling out near the (always open) cafe..

Every table in this cafe is decorated with one such sapling! Another reason to be sitting there..

Cultural Events

The Campus hosts lots of cultural events. This is one of the traditional dance and procession called Dolly Kunita (Kannada Language) meaning dancing with the Drum.. A group of drumers play music and a performer with huge Doddess Durga's idol on his head dances and performs stunts!

Birds On the Campus..

The campus is home for many birds. Such greenery and thick trees and how would birds miss making this place their sweet abode!


Winked at a group of owl teasers!!

Night Life

During fests and events the whole campus will be lit and the students enjoy DJ nights and musical nights!

The lit path to the Mustard Cafe

Saturday Night students dancing on the beats played by a DJ before the DJ war!

Dj War!!

The Tanky-Of 3Idots Movie

Lovely place to hangout and take some selfies. Not allowed to go up these days..

So much Greenery in the campus. Can't get enough of it!

Beautiful Flowers in the garden!

Indian Independence Day Celebration!! 🇮🇳

That's the director hoisting the Indian flag on the 15th of August that is the Independence day of India!

Guards ready for the Parade March!

So that was all about the tour of IIM Bangalore! Hope you all have liked it!

Please Let me know if you want more of such blogs from Bangalore by 👇 Upvoting and Commenting!

Do check out the first part of you had missed it somehow Link is given below!

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