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The winning Comment on this post gets 1,000 steem prize.  Comment about anything!!!

This Is a Real contest, and Prize will be paid out.


To win 1,000 STEEM prize.  you must comment then Re-steem and upvote.  Your comment must hold the last Comment spot for 2hrs Straight, with no interruptions.  (ONLY 1 COMMENT PER PERSON)   GOOD LUCK!!!


Are you sure?

1000 steems thats crazy omg

Yep really Nice man.

Im already trusting him he did it with me.

if you are about to win the host will go tell people to make you lose

and where is this 1,000 Steem coming from? Looking at your wallet and you have nowhere near that much.

are you going to comment or not. your wasting my time.... I'm trying to focus on this 1,000 steem I'm giving away.

Come own leemlafromboise, let's help him make that 1000 steam..maybe he will share...don't you like to play??


an impossible contest you cannot win

I won this contest and he said it ended for some arbitrary reason and there would be no winner, the entire thing was a scam to get resteems.

The last two contestants were double disqualified... that's was the third time there was a disqualification. People don't know how to follow rules so I ended it. Sorry that you can right after it ended. How was this a scam? It didn't even get any upvotes..

1,000 steem? hmmm ... ?? not so sure about that

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