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Strawberry Kush

As you can see, when I got these two, they were not in the best of conditions. It is easy when you don't have any issues, the test of a true gardener is the ability to diagnose issues and fix them. Also, preventing problems before they arise.

I transplanted them from 1-gallon containers filled with Sunshine Mix#4. I left the root ball in the Sunshine Mix and put them into 20L Hercules containers with straight coco.

Typically, I would use a 60/40 mix of coco and perlite which allows for more frequent waterings. However, in this case, I wanted to slow down the growth and maintain a strong healthy mother. Which, as you can see, I accomplished. I had a good number of sites to take clones.


Midnight Apricot Lime Reserve

The start date in my lab was 13Nov2017 and I took 25 clones from each mother yesterday 24Jan2018.

And this is what the mom's look like today after taking 25 from each mom:


Strawberry Kush


Midnight Apricot Lime Reserve

Tomorrow is a feed day, so we will discuss what and how then...

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Impressive. Not your average home grow...


I'm not your average gorrilla. I may not be the smsrtest gorilla in the jungle, but I'm not the dumbest.