Steemit Journey #38

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With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. Eleanor Roosevelt


Dear: Journal,

This week’s achievements:

Voting Weight: 5881 SP

Reputation: 59.7

Goal for next week:

Voting Weight: 5891 SP

Reputation: 59.8


Fake hope started fading away quickly, as soon as people realized it’s fake. Therefore, a bear market is nothing new, I’ve been spoken about it in the last few months.

The sign of a recession is getting clearer, especially the Australian share market.

Steem is currently at $0.21. I was predicted it might go to $0.20 a few months ago. However, I was planning to buy Steem at $0.10. Even $0.10 is not far away.

Have a great week ladies and gentlemen.


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