Steemit Journey #36

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A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore. Yogi Berra

Dear: Journal,

This week’s achievements:

Voting Weight: 5854 SP

Reputation: 59.3

Goal for next week:

Voting Weight: 5865 SP

Reputation: 59.4


What are we expecting from G20? Not much, Trump will not back off and nor does Xi.

The fake hope in the past few days will be faded away quickly and the stock market should be in the bloodbath again.

BTC is still struggling to float above $4000. Some have signaled it’s a buying opportunity. However, most people chose to wait.

I expected gold will be up next week and the Crypto market should thrive again in the near future.

That’s all folks. Good luck with your trading.


'Escalation': Trump's meeting with Xi likely to make trade war much worse, says Goldman Sachs


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