Steemit Journey #35

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Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping. Gertrude Stein

Dear: Journal,

This week’s achievements:

Voting Weight: 5844 SP

Reputation: 59.2

Goal for next week:

Voting Weight: 5855 SP

Reputation: 59.3


As I have stated from last week post, Crypto world will be in the bloodbath, so here we are. It’s not over yet, at least in the short term. Some people are hoping for December, the peak season for the cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, this year might not be the case.

Steem has dropped down to under $0.40, I can see a $0.20 mark not so far in the future. A great entry point for me would be around $0.10 give or take.

In a similar path, the stock market isn’t in a much better shape either. People are in hope for the trade talk, but as I have previously mentioned, there will be no agreement. The truth is, China is a criminal, compromise with a criminal is a bad idea.

Oil plunge has also caught my attention. People blamed on the trade war, inventories overload in the US, Trump wants the oil price to be lower… But, I have a feeling that there is more of a political reason behind it.

So cloudy days are still ahead. Keep your investments safe ladies and gentlemen. Good luck.



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