The Gift of Appreciation💚

in #blog2 years ago

I am not a certified plantita, my neighbors are. I am not a certified photographer, my friends are. I do not have a DLSR, I only wish I have one someday. You know what I am? I am who I am. I have the gift of appreciation.


And I appreciate things by taking photos or capturing their images. I point and shoot at any subject I find to be amazing in my own eye and vision. Be it at home, at work, passing by a busy street or walking back home from office and vice versa.


I love flowers, plants, insects, clouds, sky, anything.


I post photos of flowers here and majority are unknown. You see I do not have any idea of what their names are. But I find them so unique and hive-worthy.


So I share them here. Sometimes I forgot to put my watermarks on my photos. I still have a lot of photos from my phone's gallery without my watermark. I really love to appreciate things and I capture them with my simple android phone.


Enjoy your lazy afternoon my dear sweet hivers. Leave you for a while with this pretty flower from my neighbor's garden. God bless us all.💚🙏💚

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