The pride of Pakistan Abdul Sattar Edhi (A Social Worker)

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The pride of Pakistan
Abdul Sattar Edhi
Abdul Sattar Edhi born in 1928 he is the greatest personality of the world, He is a Humanitarian and philanthropist when he was a child his mother teach him to help someone poor everyday by giving half of his pocket money his mom paralyzed when he was eleven year old that is the turning point in his life he took some donations from his community members and establish a free dispensary ..
He started to help peoples with one ambulance (truck) he also helps the homeless by giving him shelters in Edhi foundation. Edhi created more than 250 Edhi foundation centers across the country
Edhi foundation take the orphans and provides him Names, Food, Educations, and gave orphans a family environment …
He Serve his life to help needy persons,
In his biography Edhi give Sole credit to his mother to setting him on a humanitarian path …
That’s means Mother plays an important role in our life, Mother help the child what is wrong and right.
Unfortunately, Abdul Sattar Edhi was Died on 8july,2016 at the age of 88 years.
All these efforts of Abdul Sattar Edhi inspired me a lot
This Great Personality Teach Us you can help Others without any expensive stuff you can start helping by giving half of your pocket money to someone poor every day.


Abdul Sattar Edhi sounds like a very inspiring person. Thanks for teaching me something about this great man.

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