@darthnava Update: Admitted in the Hospital

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Hello Steemit Community! Since my brother is already preparing for his operation on Wednesday, he was admitted today. So I will be the one to post updates for you to be aware of his progress.

image (3).jpg

@darthnava in the emergency room waiting for the doctor to arrive
image (4).jpg

As of today he was given several medical tests to prep him up for surgery. Right now he is staying at the surgical ward because there is no available private room at the moment, he is still on the waiting list.

image (6).jpg

our parents with @darthnava, getting cozy in the hospital ward
image (2).jpg

But rest assured he is in very high hopes, please do continue to pray for him. He badly needs it. Again, my family and I will never fail to thank you all for supporting @darthnava all the way. Bless your generous and caring hearts!


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Hope his surgery goes well. Will pray for him, and for you for strength to help him.


Thank you sir, a prayer can go a long way. God bless you.

@darthnava, @shellany, be strong, keep your hope high.
I will definitely will pray for you. You've got the support of the Steemians here and you should repay us by getting well as soon as you can!
I hope that you will be back to this community and contribute soon!
All the best!

Thank you so much for the link ! Im praying daily for @darthnava to have a successful operation and speedy recovery ! A definite up vote and re steem!! Bless you for being by his side and posting for him ! I am also following you now , please continue to keep us posted and updated . He has a wonderful and caring family ! 👍👍👍


He has kind words about you, your posts are fun to read too and thank you so much! 😊

Hope he recovers fast and joins us back soon :)


Thank you! Hope he will. ☺

Wishing him the best throughout his surgery, and strength to all of you and his family to help him through it. And thank you for sharing these updates with the community!


Thank you as well, your encouragement inspires us! ☺

May this great steemian recover quick and healthy!


Indeed, and amen to that! Thank you! ☺

My blessings with your brother, I hope everything goes through good. And thanks for keeping us updated.


Thank you for wishing him well, yes, we will definitely update the Steemit community more. ☺

Thank you so much for this update. Prayers and best wishes for strength and successful surgery!

I wish your brother a successful surgery and fast recovery.


Thank you for wishing him well. ☺

best of luck with your impending surgery, we're all pulling for you!


Thank you for the nice encouragement! ☺

Praying for @darthneva. Best of luck man


Thank you for praying! ☺

Good luck dear heart!!! Your in my thoughts!


Thank you for the support! Bless you. ☺

I hope everything goes smoothly and recovery is quick.
All the best to him, you and your whole family.


Thank you for your kind words! ☺

I pray for a successful surgery and his quick recovery.


Thanks for your prayers! ☺


You are most welcome

Really hope everything works out well. God bless


Thank you, God bless you as well! ☺

Get well @darthnava and be strong @shellany. May God help you.
I pray you from Turkey. (Allah yardımcınız olsun. En kısa zamanda sağlık sıhhate kavuşman dileğiyle)


Thank you so much for this prayer and your kindness. ☺

Hope for only the best for him. Sending positive thoughts for both him and you his family. I'm sure this is a hard time all around.


Your support and the whole Steemit community gives us strength as well, thank you!

Hope the surgery goes well, I wish him a speedy recovery and patience for the family .D


Thank you so much for the well wishes. ☺

Thank you for the update. It's good to see him smiling and confident. Will pray that everything goes well.


Thank you for the thought will post for more updates. ☺

I pray for God to give you @darthnava the strength in mind and body to recover as soon as possible so you can come back to your Steemit family. You are in my thoughts and prayers always.


Amen! Thank you, we really appreciate each prayer from the community. ☺

Praying, praying, praying!


Thank you so much! ☺

Will most definitely be praying for a successful surgery and recovery. Strength to all. 🙏


Thank you for the prayers, most appreciated! ☺

Our prayers for @darthnava, for you @shellany and for your whole family. Hoping the surgery goes perfectly and leads to a speedy recovery!


Our heartfelt thanks to you and the steemit community! ☺

praying that everything will go well for @darthnava...
God bless you po.


Your prayers are more than enough, maraming salamat! ☺

Here's wishing him all the best and a Speedy Recovery


Thank you for the nice encouragement!

My prayers are with you


Thank you! Much appreciated! ☺

Boost up your spirit to win this "mission operation" successfully !!! :)


Thank you your support is well appreciated.

I hope all goes well!


Thank you praying for the best. ☺

Well said! I am surprised no one wants to up-vote your comment.... They are all going crazy about ICOs...


Thank you. ☺

I am certain he will be well. Thank you so much for keeping the steemitfamily updated.


We owe the Steemit community a lot, because of all of you he is assured he is well taken cared of. 😊

Come back healthy. Steemit Family is waiting for you.


We hope so, thank you. ☺

Todo va a salir bien

Hi @shellany . Sa Medical City ba yan? I'll be praying for him and your family.

Thankyou for keeping us all updated! You guys have great family! Good Luck darthnava!


Thank you for your support! 😊

Stay strong guys !


Thank you for the encouragement! ☺