Carnivore 75 Hard Redux: Day 24

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It looks like I'm averaging about 22 hours a day of fasting, which is pretty good. A two-hour feeding window? That's not bad! It's only one meal a day for the most part, and the majority of my eating takes place in about 15 minutes. What usually happens is I break my fast when I first get home by eating a little bit of something... usually, cheese... and then I eat a meal a little bit later. It's definitely not a solid two hours of eating or anything. Like I've mentioned before, I have a bit of a problem with cheese. That's why I'm going to attempt to give it up for the second half of this round of the Carnivore 75 Hard challenge.

Who says I can change the rules in the middle of a challenge? I do, that's who.

This is a bit of a mixed bag as far as meals go. The burgers are the patties I made of several cuts of beef ground up with some calf liver. The cheese on top, however, is American cheese. It's organic and is made from mostly real ingredients, but it's still a processed cheese product, so it's still definitely not ideal. I'm going out with a bang before I cut out the cheese as well. I'm just about out of cheese and will probably avoid buying any more, but I'll probably continue putting cream in my coffee until I run out of that as well.

Scrambled eggs have been my go-to lately instead of fried eggs or the omelet style. I feel like it's easier to get them cooked exactly the way I want them with minimal effort.


Another great episode of one of my favorite podcasts! This one featured an interview with John and Molly Chester, who made the film The Biggest Little Farm. The discussions revolved around some of my favorite subjects such as soil health and regenerative agriculture.

John also mentioned something that vegans seem to be completely unaware of which is just how many animals have to die to successfully farm fruits and vegetables, even when it's done organically. The vegan retort to that sort of statement is "it's not intentional." As John points out in this interview, however, it absolutely is intentional.

What people don't understand is that I still hold a lot of the beliefs I did when I was vegan for ten years, but I just see things a little differently. Even though I don't support regenerative agriculture 100% of the time, that's something I'm certainly working toward. In doing so, I truly believe that my nutritional needs will be met in a way not possible with a vegan diet and will result in fewer animal deaths.


Goal of 10,000+ steps achieved... barely! Barely is good enough, though. As always, if you would like to read more about my activity today, you can click on the image below and be magically transported to my daily Actifit post on the Steem blockchain.

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