Carnivore 75 Hard Redux: Day 22

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Only about 21 hours fasted today. Why is that? Because I actually ate lunch while I was at work! I almost never do that and I haven't since I started a new job last week, but I wanted to today. Part of the reason I don't eat lunch at work is that I don't want to bring food and heat it up in the microwaves there, but I also don't really like to resort to fast food type places too often, for obvious reasons.

Today, I did the latter. I went to a place that rhymes with Bendy's. The app for this restaurant instructed me to simply walk in, skip the line, and wait for my food. The woman behind the counter very rudely told me that I needed to go through the line and let them know I had a mobile order because otherwise, they have no idea who I am. My name was on the receipt, so I'm not sure what she was talking about, but I got my food, so whatever... I got over it.'

I, for one, cannot wait until robots replace all human workers in restaurants like that. You can tell by the people that they choose to hire that they don't get a lot of very capable applicants at some locations. After seeing who made the cut, I think I'd hate to see who they turned down.

Because my lunch at work is actually only about an hour and a half before my day is over, and I usually eat pretty soon after getting home from work, I wasn't terribly hungry when I got home. I made some eggs and bacon to round out my day. Afterward, I felt like I'd overdone it a little and actually eaten too much. That will subside, though.


This interview with Terry Wahls, MD revolved around the topic of autoimmune diseases and whether or not they can be healed by making better nutritional choices. She actually doesn't advocate a carnivore diet but does agree with Paul Saladino, MD that quality meat is vital to human health. Wahls was actually suffering from multiple sclerosis at one point in her life and no longer is, which is pretty impressive.

I'm also still enjoying the Waking Up app and doing the meditation lessons almost every morning, but not quite every morning. It depends on what time I wake up. No pun intended.

Speaking of waking up, I've also started using the Sleep Cycle app. I also have an activity tracker that tracks my sleep, but it doesn't always do the best job. The Sleep Cycle app and the Withings activity tracker both showed that I was experiencing deep sleep at around the same times, so it seems like it's fairly accurate.

One thing this app does is record your snoring, and I am 99.9% sure that the snoring it recorded was not me but, in fact, it was my dog, Stella. That's what it sounds like, anyway, and I think she's more likely to snore than I am, mostly because I've heard her do it before. My phone was on the nightstand next to my bed, and Stella's crate is actually just on the other side of the nightstand, so we're both within a few feet of the mic. I may have to just sleep in the guestroom a few times and see what it records to see what it records then.


I feel like just barely making it over 10,000 steps is a failure, but if I make the goal, I make the goal. Most of the steps were taken at work, and then I didn't go for a walk after, so that's why the count is a little lower. In fact, I had to resort to the elliptical to get above 10,000 steps, but I didn't do it all that long. Just barely long enough to get the steps in. Actually, I just wrote all about that in my daily Actifit post, so I'm just repeating myself now. As always, you can click on the image below to read that post.

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