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Last sunday, after a long tiring day. We decided to had our dinner with my good friend besh
@Yvonnnnneee123 and his significant other Odingske.

Here's a photo of us on and before we had our Dinner

Place : Jollibee Aguinaldo Iligan City

Place : Home of Boodle Fight, Palao Iligan City

After finishing our meals. We agreed to go home. There's no jeepney's available. So while waiting, Yvonne talked about Racal/ Badja because its the one they use in playing ROS with @gilnambatac. Luckily there's a Badja passing towards us and heard my dear friend. So with no further a due, we took a Badja to city proper . When we arrived to the city proper, we to went to jeepney's stop going to our specific addresses but while we started walking, we were fascinated as saw some lovely stuffs ( please see photo below )

A different designs and set of BRACELETS AND OTHER ACCESSORIES MADE IN INDIGENOUS MATERIALS . We asked the sellers with some questions and few details about them and they gave us few, safe and quick answers . I guess its for them also to keep some privacy for their tribe, and I respected it a lot. The sellers are Lumad members from Marilob Davao City. Ate Inday, one of the three sellers answers us that the main material they used to their product is called "Nito" . Their products price ranges 10Php and above. I and my friends bought 8pcs. and we only got it for 60Php. How generous they are to gave us such a 20 Php discount. It's a big penny already knowing that they've told us that they will be leaving in the next following day. You can really see how they rightfully cherish the culture and beliefs of their tribe. ♥ I'm praying for their safety always and the Lumads will have special space in heart and in my life, forever. #SupportLumads #StopLumadsKillings

I'll be showing what we have bought from them. ^_^


Four (4) pcs. for 30Php only perfect combi already. ;)


A friendship souvenirs insert our absent one. :P ♥

Photos are captured : SAMSUNG A7 2017.

That's all for today! Thank you for reading. I hope y'all have a great day! =)

Best Regards,

ShangPB / reshaamaayzing


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Thanx @shangpb
For Amazing ideas for bracelets:


thanks too! Have a great day ahead =)

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Wish I could have one.. :)

Hello, maybe there's available near beaches and resorts or outside Churches and establishments. :) Wish and hope you could have one too. =) Have a nice day ahead!

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