New Blog Direction - I Will No Longer Be Resteeming Content On My Blog

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It's always been a mystery to me what direction my blog was headed. I've never really had a niche on Steemit and I've delved both inside & out of my comfort zone to create content, and I'd be lying if I haven't posted just for the rewards. Now, after almost 2 years here, my blog has become part of me.

Understanding how much this space means to me helps me navigate future posts. I intend to continue posting content that's based on life experience rather than what I can regurgitate from other sources. I find it's more genuine & gives my blog it's own theme; me.

Why no more resteeming?

My goal is to create a flow from each piece of content to the next which correlates with my own zen. To achieve this, I will no longer be resteeming because unfortunately there's no way to separate resteemed content from original content. It would be preferable to resteem content to my followers without it being stuck on my page.

I don't always share content that I like. Sometimes I'll resteem content simply because it'll benefit others. But, because of this my blog sometimes looks like a mess, and I hate mess.

It'll be nice if this issue is changed in the future. And I'd feel guilty for depriving my followers of good content, if it weren't for all the resteem spam going on at the moment; why the fuck are there so many greed bots on the network?..

Where to now?

Now I plan to sail through Steemit as a content creator. I'm content with what I've accomplished here; the friends I've made, the projects I've worked on & the rewards I've earned.

I don't feel that I need to try to reap anything more from my content, I just want to be myself & if I sometimes get some coin along the way, so be it. My blog has more wealth to me as a place to be free than as a place to capitalise.

Peace & love

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Whatever happened with Thirsty records?


I've touched on that topic in previous blog posts. Under funding, ridiculous scope, minimal support, lack of experience. A lot of time & money went into the project, inevitably destined to fail without the support of the other devs in the community.