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I recently had a conversation with a friend about population decline in some parts of the world due to a lack of communication and interpersonal skills. The theory is, that due to peoples total emersion in technology and the ease to which people can access it now there is a steady decline in human contact and relationship building leading to less people having sex and a decline in the population.


Honestly I can believe it. We have seen an incredible surge in tech in the last ten year or more and the impacts are far reaching. Teachers talk about shorter attention spans of their students, I see guests in restaurants and bars on their phones rather than talking to each other.

I'm old enough to remember the times before cell phones but not to old that I haven't totally embraced tech. But I'm not a gamer, I have friends that sit in the same room as each other and play, talk over headsets and for the most part don't actually interact with each other. To me its crazy!

As a photographer I love the human element of the world, the good the bad and everything in between. But my observation is that people are becoming more and more disconnected from each other as they become more connected to their devises. The emotional connections we once had are disappearing.

I'd love to hear your thoughts out there in the Steem community. Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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People nowdays lack of communication. We believe that technology is helping our life but its not true at all✌🏻
We complain that nothing feels real anymore but we don’t give any time to become real.
and interesting thing we were talking about our generation in our English class and someone says

"Our generation is lazy, there is a lack of communication within our generation due to technology"
The rest of the class the same person is on there phone the entire time.. lolxx

Spot on... I actually never thought of it in terms of population decline, but the idea might not be that farfetched! And unfortunately, I do agree that there is an overall disconnection among people and lack of real interactions. You can see it in groups of friends and in couples! I actually took a photo while travelling of a couple that was hugging and the guy was checking his phone over her shoulder... I can understand the quick peak on a smartphone every now and then, but most people nowadays seem more interested in what's going on everywhere else instead of living the moment. Would like to believe that we can evolve past this mindset ☺

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You have to love the irony of tech these days. Your observation is spot on. These days some people are so tuned into their phones, it becomes a contest to see how long a person can go without checking thier phone. So much of our personal interactions rely on the internet.

I went to a cafe where everyone at one table had put thier phones in a pile and placed bets on who could resist the longest. First one to break down had to pay for everyone's meal.

The other thing I've noticed is how the world has just become wallpaper for the perfect selfie. Instead of marvelling at the beauty people are sharing moments to garner social capital ("likes"). There is nothing more annoying than visiting a world wonder and having to dodge a sea of selfie sticks.

It seems the only emotional connections we have are filtered via comments and reactions. In my own life I'm glad to be able to easily disconnect from my phone and connect with real people. I appreciate actually hanging out with my friends because of how pervasive technology has become.

It might explain why the rate of anxiety and depression has increased over the years...


exactly i feel the same thought You share here