Was Waiting For So Long to be Accused of "White Privilege", and it Finally Happened!!!

in #blog3 years ago

... and it totally made my day XD

white privilege.jpg


Impressive list of obstacles!

Great response to this idiot. Well done on taking responsibility for your life and achieving great things from a humble beginning.
These entitled victim mentality leftists will achieve nothing other than their own extinction (by failing to have kids).

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you are racist but I don't blame you, you are just another victim of the patriarchy. Don't get me wrong. You do need to put in check all that internalised misogyny.

Have a short pink haircut, put 30-40 kg and marry an albino trans bilateral amputee pugmy from Pakistan. That would be a nice start.

I never said that my misogyny was internalized.

White privilege at its best

Yeah, I prefer German cars, or at least Italian XD

The only things The French are really good at making are food and wine, definitely NOT cars XD

Stay strong and blessed!

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