Hard Fork? You Should Really Reconsider This Term.

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I firmly believe that the Hard Fork term should be re-evaluated and most likely changed with less aggressive and more inclusive word choices.

Personally, I think that the word hard represents a form of hostility and microaggression, because it implicitly calls for violence.

The word fork is absolutely inacceptable in my opinion, since it's discriminatory and racist, because it's not inclusive enough:

I think that a progressive, open-minded community like the one we have on Steemit should really be more careful about things like this.

More importantly, I think that this platform should evolve in the direction of becoming a true safe space, where love, compassion and inclusion will flourish.



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I understand what you are saying, but it is standard blockchain terminology for all blockchains, not just the Steem BC. It is meant to sound aggressive as it is a radical, a very big change that makes the old versions of the blockchain [partially] incompatible with the newer ones. And it is a fork, as the chain [temporarily] splits in 2.

There is a soft fork, that is mainly used for bugfixes etc (for example, when the Steem BC went from 0.19 to 0.19.1)

You are missing the sarcasm tag :P

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I really hope this is sarcasm..

Soft language or political correctness wont make the problems disappear..

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Maybe you should check other posts in my blog and make your own conclusion ;)

no interest in feminism

Top tier trolling, lol... no one is safe! ^_^

I like it hard. Don't see what the problem with that!

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