Would YOU Like to Learn if You Can Raise Your Testosterone?

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Together we're going to find out!

I'm performing a 3 month experiment, eating certain foods, taking supplements & training then having my blood re-tested in June to learn the results!

Baseline testosterone blood measures, taken 10 weeks apart in November and February, were 426 & 437.

Fellas (and LADIES! If YOU have a special man in your life), the grim truth of our current observation of reality is the aging of our mortal packaging.

Perhaps you'll agree that you too find life more fun when:

You can run around the world to play with your friends in a fit & fabulous fashion! 🤩

Here's a pic of me from April, 2008:


Beating back the Grim Reaper with a big stick is a clutch move.

Since reaching my 40's, this year I've decided to up the ante with some pretty serious lifestyle augmentation where diet and supplements are concerned.

This choice was precipitated by nature's design; guys start to slowly decrease the amount of testosterone they produce starting at age 30.

IF the protocols I'm trying out work, and my testosterone levels are in the 500-600's at the June measurement, this could be a major game changer for men everywhere!

In the second phase of this experiment, the final 6 weeks, we'll be addressing the elimination of factors which serve to harm a dude's testosterone levels!

Things like:

  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Estrogen analogues in food & materials

It's my birthday 🎂 weekend, so I'll be partying 🎉 in Portland. 😄

These above protocols will NOT
be adhered to until I return.

This is a real life study.

Controlled conditions in a lab aren't always translatable to the real world...

Therefore including my food and festivities, as a consequence of 'real life,' are important for the results.

Particularly if they are meant to be reproducible for other men who are healthy and in their early 40's. Following the protocols they can still occasionally go off script by eating out, ordering dessert, and drinking alcohol.

That was New York a few weeks ago, and that will be Portland this weekend.

Notes about the first 6 weeks to improve upon in the next month and a half:

  • Schedule enough time for workouts. One hour 4 times a week will be kicked up to 1.5 - 2 hours 5 times a week.
  • Tighten up supplement schedule (I have a plan for that...) You'll see in a post next week.
  • ZERO alcohol during the next 6 weeks after Portland.
  • Changing up the workouts every 2 weeks to hit as many different muscles as possible.
  • A minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night. Testosterone production and muscle growth occurs while you are asleep.

If you have ever wondered why guys wake up with erections, it's the peak time of day for their testosterone!

This is also why your doctor wants to test your testosterone within an hour of you rising, to get your T measurement at its highest. 🧐

The next posts will detail the worst kinds of alcohol that can hurt your T levels, why sugar is so bad for testosterone, and environmental hazards that can potentially affect your hormones (especially T).

For this anecdotal study I'd like to see the maximum impact; the stronger the results, the more potential benefit this study offers for everyone.

SO, I'll have some fun and be a little naughty this weekend, then back to crush these last 6 weeks to see what can be accomplished!

Everyone, thank you so much for reading!

This blog is meant to delight and entertain you, with the occasional self-imposed biohack to share new knowledge with the world, to help everyone be happier and healthier on this ride called life.

Have an amazing day everybody!!! 😇

This is @scan0017.

If you are reading this,
you are the future.


great phyic maintained by you my friend @scan0017 yes we would like to raise our testosterone!and i loved these healtrhy post from you resteemed for the benefits of ther steemains!

As always, significant thanks to you for helping to spread the word on entertaining and educational content.
Much appreciation and 'nuff respect 🤝

thanks alot for the respect!and we are here for that aim to provide good legal entertaining and original content my friend!

Thanks for sharing @scan0017.
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Thanks for the resteem Khalid! 🤝

hey friend @scan0017 you have to take care of your health because if you would be not healthy u will not be able to have fun and move around with your friends.. you look handsome 10 years back ;)
and yes happy birthday 🎂 in advance <3 <3

resteemed :)

Thanks Jane! 😀
I appreciate your resteem!

haha why is it so ? :p

Thank you for sharing @scan0017 resteem

Powerful Germany 🇩🇪 and @zoogataga!
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Good luck! Sugar and alcohol are definitely bad for you, but if you're looking to significantly increase your testosterone then you should avoid animal protein as well, as it suppresses testosterone. See here:

Aaah, look at that handsome guy from 10 years ago!

SHANNON!!! 😀😀😀
Every time I saw one of your travel posts over the last few months I found myself so grateful to have you in my life!
That final dinner at Steemfest 1, with you, @anyx, @firepower, (to name a few) is what fueled the fire in my passion for Steemit 😁
Can't wait to hangout with you again at Steemfest 3!

Aaah, yes! And more to come (I am quite a lot behind on my posts actually..)

I am super pumped fro SF3 actually! Looking forward to see you there!

That is an extraordinary phyic kept up by you my companion @scan0017 yes we might want to raise our testosterone!and I adored these healtrhy post from you resteemed for the advantages of ther steemains.i welcome it.

All the best .

what are you doing, please keep on eating nutritious food for your body to be healthy, I will restem to repay your kindness, if any time please help me post my friend.

Thanks for the resteem @bangone!
Cute caterpillar 😉

yes, hope it can be a help from me yes, because I do not have the power to upvote, if you're happy I'm also happy, thanks dear😘

thanks sharing this...

Really Interesting post . .good content sir

Hey lab rat! This little experiment of yours is actually kind of cool.
Better bring those party pants for the weekend.
🎈🎁HaPpY BiRtHdAy beefcakes🎁 🎈

Oh, the party in my pants goes with me everywhere.... 😜
Thanks for the birthday wishes!
BTW, I'm hoping you can convince any of your parents neighbours in France 🇫🇷 to allow you to get a team to check their well for treasure 😍

Pff-yeah, i wish! Its a pretty expensive venture. Not many villagers have the means to hire a team of professionals to search for something that may or may not be there.
I've thought of buying a giant magnet and attaching it tightly to a rope to see what I can find in the wells and nearby streams. But I then got discouraged when i heard that most things found are actually in the muddy layers at the bottom. Not sure a magnet would do the trick...

Hey, for real here:
If you ever get 'that kind' of ambitious about it next summer, I could fly over and bring a couple of metal detectors.
Check out Paris for a few days then get nutty looking for treasure in the countryside of France...
Crazy, I know (and I know you've got a fella so it's not like that,) yet I script my life like it's an interesting story...
I've done crazier things, TRUST that!
Hope to see you again at Steemfest 3!

Haha, I'm sure you've done much crazier things 😉
I try to script my life the same way as well... when I can script it!

No idea if I'll be in France next summer to be honest, but if so, that sounds like a brilliant plan. I only look for jobs outside of France so it's rare that I'm ever there in the summer. But hey, if I end up somewhere in Europe, plenty of wells, streams, and fields to explore with metal detectors.

It's my birthday 🎂 weekend, so I'll be partying 🎉 in Portland. 😄

Enjoy the weekend and party hard :)

This is a real life study.
Controlled conditions in a lab aren't always translatable to the real world...

This is why I'm taking real note of this one.

Hey man, so it's your birthday weekend. When is the actual date. Happy birthday in advance.

Great idea! I like your thought behind it. Check my post as well

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Great writing
thanks for [email protected] scan0017 sir

Well done
thanks sir

Many beautiful picture, many of my wishes were made to make such a beautiful body, but it is not good, but your body is beautiful. To make you a lot of fame, so much fun

ZERO alcohol during the next 6 weeks after Portland.

lol 😆 of course after your birthday. Birthday without celebration and alcohol 🍷 will always feel incomplete. Happy birthday 🎁 in advance! Keep informing us about your testosterone levels. It’s great test for us man in early 40’s.

It is very important what you say, that experiment went very well since it gave you a great result the important thing is to fight to get what you propose and eat healthy, thanks for the post it is very important

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That is such a sad story and one that makes me angry as well. yes we would like to raise our testosterone!and i loved these healtrhy post from you resteemed for the benefits of ther steemains!

Yeah. I am gonna keep that picture, and I expect to see the new ones in a while. Face to face with yourself!

Let's get this thing going on!

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