Writers' Block

in #bloglast year (edited)

Some days I have nothing but opinions. The world seems in such need of fixing and, somehow, expressing my thoughts will put it right. At times like this, nothing feels better than engaging in sympathetic conversion; my words flow freely and there is a wonderful catharsis. Sometimes it feels like I can spend the rest of my life talking. Everything would be all right if I could just garner an audience and speak.

Spurred on by thoughts of endless conversation I sit down to put my words down on paper...or blog, whichever. When I try to type, the ideas that seamlessly form themselves into words during conversation instead swirl endlessly in my head without taking shape. My lips are never ceasing but my fingers are still. I start to wonder if I ever had anything to say at all.

After a time of collecting my thoughts, the ideas begin to take a hazy form and I begin to write. The writing is slow. The writing is effortful. Where is the ease that comes in conversation? Where is the catharsis?

I think this might be a sign. Perhaps I need to get out my ideas in conversation, THEN I can write them down! Podcasts are good for that; worth a try.

In the end I found a reason to not write; in that, I found the catharsis I was looking for.