We Have New Ducklings!

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Two days ago, my father came home with five newborn ducklings!

Look at them!!

Those tiny fellows were scared and kept calling for their mum all the time.

But mum was not around to take care of her babies.

They were so sweet quacking one at a time.

And they always keept close to each other.

My dad put them in plastic crater, as our cat was looking at them like freshly cooked dinner. Above the crater, he placed a wire cover to keep fluffy Katina away.

I kind of feel bad for separating them from their mother at that young age.

But they will grow soon and they will learn how to be strong and healthy ducks on their own.

By the way, can you tell what species they are?
It's hard to tell at that age, but... do you want to give it a try?
Hint: They are not that beautiful as adults...

Image (free for re-use if crediting the creator) and story by @ruth-girl - Steemit, 2018

Thank you so much for your time!

Until my next post,
Steem on and keep smiling, people!

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"Hint: They are not that beautiful as adults..."

That's a good thing. Otherwise it would be hard to eat them when the time comes :)


You 're saying my dad brought them home for their meat?! He said they're here for the eggs 😞


Fathers often try to spare their little girls from the full brutality of life :-)


Loved your post! AND no spiders either! I too was thinking the same as @onceuponatime the minute you said they are not that beautiful as adults :)

τι κουκλακια ειναι αυτα!!!!...ο αλλος στιφαδο τα σκεφτεται???...τι να πω...πηγαινε τον μια βολτα να τον μπουκωσεις κοντοσουβλια να του φυγει η εμμονη με τα παπια!!...το μαυρο ειναι το ασχημοπαπο???


Ζουζούνια σκέτα ειναι! Αλλά ακόμα είναι φοβισμένα, τα χαϊδεύεις κ τρέχουν να αγκαλιαστουν με τα αδέρφια τους. Σιγά σιγά θα συνηθίσουν...

Πόσο να τον μπουκωσω πια; Έχουμε μια βδομάδα από κεμπάπ σε σουβλάκια κι από λουκάνικα σε μπιφτέκια τρέχουμε (με τις απαραίτητες μπύρες για συνοδευτικό φυσικά). Τι να τον κάνω π είναι λιχουδης;

They are not cute when they grow up so that is the perfect time to eat them. The stomach does not know cute :D

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I get the feeling I misplaced the #food tag in my post with all those eat-them comments 😭

Really cute! Will fail at guessing a species, as I only know ducks and then there are chicken or goose :-b

I'm sure they raised the cats appetite quite a bit!


Thank you! I must say I was disappointed when I googled their species. They will grow to look like that:

I just can't help thinking of how weird their head is...


Definitely not as cute as when they are little.. looks like a chicken duck to me 😜

Lovely post,I love them they are cute. Well done, Please keep them off that yawning cat.lol
Well, I don't know there species.


We'll take care of them, the cat is sneaky...

έχεις μπόλικο φαγητό σε περίπτωση πολέμου!!! άλλα και πόλεμος να μη γίνει πάλι φαΐ είναι... 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆 = 🍖🍗🍖🍗🍖🍗🍖🍗🍖🍔🍔🌭🌮🌯 :ppp


Για τα αβγά τις πήραμε βρε! Δεν θα τις φάμε... 😖

"Hint: They are not that beautiful as adults..."

I bet they are tasty as adults


Stop picturing our ducks "cooked"!!!!

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