New to the website - Introducing myself

in #blog6 months ago


Hello people of the steem community! This is my 1st of many posts on this website. I do run a website of my own which I do plan to connect it to the blockchain with SteemPress soon but for now I just wanna introduce myself. is a blog showing some of the "Are you kidding me?" moments I find during the day. I have had this website for a while now (9 years) but wanna get it going again with a fresh start. A little back story about me is I work 3rd shift with a lot of down time so this is something new for me to do. Most things you will see are just weird things I come across the internet such as:

Actual news from "local" news station -

National/World News -

Political -

Items you can buy -

That is just a sample of what I post and tend to post when I find anything worth sharing. Expect post from the website to be auto posted here as soon as I get the plugin setup. Thanks for reading and can't wait to hear your thoughts on these "are you kidding me?" moments in future posts.