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in blog •  8 months ago

We all know the google translator, and its a solid and good pice of software.
But in some cases a complex sentense is just not translated correctly.

I was pretty sure that a software would not be capable soon to translate complex texts without any problem but proofed me wrong

Deepl uses an advanced deep learning algorithm to translate from language to language. It does not support as much languages as the google translator right now but I expect that to come soon.

You should give it a try at

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that's the world of internet :)

Google translator made everything easy these days

yup i also used google translator but yeah sometimes it fails to translate some complex sentences. i will definitely use this thank you so much @rockz for introducing with us

definitely gonna check that one out, especially in Indonesian, google translate fails often. EDIT: Oh it doesn't do indo yet :-(


no, it just supports a few major languages yet. But im sure more should be implemented soon.

Thanks for Sharing this post about translator it's very helpful but it supports a few major languages .

good to see you again

its great translator helps alot

i also tried google translator but it disapointed me alot. So if you have tested then i am definitly gonna try it.