A love between heaven and earth Part II. (Emma Version +18)

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Jefferson became the man with whom I wanted to wake up all my mornings, whom I wanted by my side to protect me and make a life together. The days we shared after having exchanged numbers that night on the plane were magnificent. He treated me like a gentleman who sometimes thought that they ceased to exist. He took me to dinner for several nights, we went to an amusement park together, it was there that we gave our first kiss on the star; It was a magical moment, being on top with the love of my life next to me made me feel frenzy for him. Sometimes he behaved in a funny way to make me smile often with the excuse that he loved my smile, other times he would come to my ear to tell me beautiful things, and other times that made him look like a Casanova.

The other hostesses were fascinated by the fact that I was dating him, one of them my best friend, she told me that what I needed was a bit of mischief to finish hooking, which I laughed immediately, but I agreed to the her request to go buy lingerie.

—Welcome, how can I help you?— mentions a young girl who attended the lingerie store.

—My friend needs a sexy lingerie for tonight— answers my best friend, to which I felt so embarrassed that I wanted to be swallowed by the earth.

—Yes, of course pass by here, I have something special, says the girl in the store. He made us go through a room full of erotic toys, to which I could not contain the laughter for the shame, I never imagined myself going to a store to buy that kind of stuff.

—Well we have this one here—mentions the girl holding a lingerie with latex parts, which made me imagine myself and Jefferson in the sexual scene with that garment and a whip.

—Seriously I will not use that, I'm sorry— I tell him laughing, and then I turn to a garment on a mannequin that caught my attention. It was an intimate lace with a garter belt, all parts of it red, which I liked a lot.

—I like this one— I tell them smiling, imagining that Jefferson would love to undress quickly if he knew I had it on. To which an idea came to my mind, I took my cell phone and made a capture behind the mirror, in the lower part of my right side where I had placed the garter belt and sent it to him. To which a few seconds I had an answer from him where he claimed, among other words, to like him, so it was definitely that.

After we went to pay the bill I asked my best friend to leave me at the hotel where I was staying and go down quickly because I need time for myself, to think about using that night, I needed time to be according to the occasion, among those things shaving my legs and intimate area.

—Good Luck tonight Emma— says my friend saying goodbye to me, to which she reacts with a grimace. I went up the elevator with such anxiety that every second I looked at the wristwatch I was wearing, a gift appreciated by my mother for my graduation, I was fascinated by the truth, and since it was black to match any garment. As soon as they opened the elevator doors, I hurried to the door of my room and then passed the digital key and opened it. I undressed quickly and went to the tub to relax a few minutes with a bath of foam.

For a moment it came to my mind how lucky I was to be able to have those minutes of relaxation, and in a way I was very grateful to have it, I needed it. After half an hour I started to shave my skin, to finish bathing and then go to my bed to join cream to soften my skin more. The fragance was really exquisite, the truth is that I had not used it before, it was one of the many gifts that passengers give me, mostly men, but all this accepted by me before I met Jefferson, after meeting him I tried mostly possible not to give reasons of any jealousy.

An hour later I look at the clock and realize that it is only an hour and a half before Jefferson passes me looking for it, to which I stop thinking so much and went to the closet to look for the garment I would wear tonight. I dressed and put on makeup; I pass the time flying, but even so I was not so clueless among my thoughts, I was a bit nervous and rough about makeup, very anxious tonight. So much so, that when I went down the elevator I felt very cold in my crotch, it was there when I remembered that I had forgotten to put on my underwear and it was too late, Jefferson was in the doorway, I was sorry I had to leave him waiting for more time, so That night would be like those celebrities who do not wear underwear, but in my case I let it go because the safest thing, like it would end naked next to him.

Like every gentleman he is, he opened and held the passenger door for me to get into the car, I could feel the cold seat in my buttocks and part of my intimate part, which I was amused, but as soon as he got into the car I calmed down so he would not discover me, at least not yet.

We talked about our day on the way, and I felt my buttocks frozen, I was very anxious to reach the place where we would have dinner, and for my luck between thoughts and talking with him, the time passed quickly and we arrived at the place. A famous and luxurious restaurant to which to access you should be a shareholder of it. The truth is that I was much more amazed by the fact that I was in a place like that, because the safest thing for him was normal.

—I know what you're thinking, and not, I do not frequent these places very much— he whispers in my ear as we walk towards our table. The evening and dinner was very romantic, we talked more about ourselves, a little about our childhood, it was on that night that I learned about his tragic loss, and I told him how hard it was to leave my country for that time. where the dictatorship had seized the island; among other things we talked, but there was a moment when everything became spicy, I do not know what happened to me, but without fear I put my foot under the table on his leg almost touching his intimate part to what he spent his hand by my leg thing that caused me much more frenzy. It seemed a vile game of young people suffering from their hormones, but the truth is that he was very attractive.

We both knew that it was not the right place so he asked the waiter to leave the account written down there, and we went to the car. The short crossing from the restaurant to your hotel was about 5 minutes. Being in the luxurious lobby of the hotel where he was staying, we climbed the elevator looking at each other like young men who know what will happen but none dared to do anything at the moment. We entered his room, he asked me to wait while I was looking for something to drink, to which I took advantage of looking at some things in the living room of his penthouse.

We sat for a while to chat while we drank wine, I really was a little past drinks but conscious at the same time, for a few moments I wanted to have it between my lips, so I caressed his cheek and we kissed, I felt ecstasy of his mouth , between the taste of your lips, the whisper of our breathing and the roar of our hearts beat a thousand times a second. Suddenly he stopped to go for something that had on his jacket, at first I knew that it was a pendant for its size, but when I gave it and opened it was completely unchanged, it was actually a necklace but with diamond jewels , I did not know what to say, I was totally immutated and silent; He suddenly offered to place the jewel in my neck, which I agreed to. It felt a little heavy, but it was really beautiful, when I tried to thank him I was devoured by his lust, he began to kiss my neck, bite my ear and lower my dress. At that moment I remembered again that I was not wearing intimate clothes, so I stopped him to do it myself, so that he could pretend that he had taken it off with the dress. He followed suit and together we went to the tub.

Part of that moment was magical for me, I had not had a relationship with another man before, which made me someone still a virgin in chastity. Between kisses, hugs, caresses, moans and different sexual positions of which I did not know completely, we ended up in his bed, there came a moment when I felt touch the sky next to him, we were drowned by our moans while we kissed, alluding that we both arrived to the maximum point of our bodies, my first and exquisite orgasm.

We both smiled, there were no words but a total silence and then I fell asleep on his chest. At that moment I started dreaming about him that day on the plane where we first met, everything was almost exactly as it happened, he complained while he slept, only when I approached him to ask if he was okay I fixed my gaze towards the window from his position, I could see light behind it, for the moment I approached and saw one of the turbines burn in flames, that caused me a lot of terror, I started screaming at the copilot, I behaved in a wrong way, I had to keep calm but could not , in that I hear a noise resembling an explosion, and awake.

—Jefferson, is something wrong?—I ask him, the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes from that bad dream is him at the window pointing to the street and talking about a dog, I got up for a few moments to fix my gaze and saw nothing, as to invite him back to bed while hugging him from behind, he agreed so we stayed looking at each other again, but I was the first to fall asleep again.

This time I could see myself next to him in a beautiful meadow where he asked me to kneel, but it was just another dream, a very beautiful one.

A love between heaven and earth Part I. (Emma Version)

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