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I was surprised to see the lack of support from people who were talking about building up a community and a following.

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I have caught you in the act. Ha
I applaud your determination to attend and learn. That is what I was there for too. Too learn what I need to do to help build up Steemit and myself as well.
Welcome my friend. Very few people in the world grew up in a more isolated environment than myself. We lived on a farm and rarely saw strangers.
OK. School. But, back then reading, writing, arithmetic, was the curriculum of study. Very little other interaction.
Forget all that. Just burst right through the door of our Steemit family.
You and everyone else is more than welcome.
Thank you



Lol sorry about that. I was so impressed that you guys were into crypto and steemit. One of my fears is that I will not be able to keep up with technology when I get to my golden years, you give me hope that won't be the case.

Thanks for the kind words and followback. I'm looking forward to seeing you and pats adventures on steemit!

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