Journey to cryptocurrency

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I had nothing invested in cryptocurrency this time last year

All of that changed when I was hit up by my old friend who'd done really well for himself. Despite being in the tech industry for many multiple years, I just kept a blind eye to it. Then I was introduced to Steemit. This platform has changed the way I perceive crypto. I now find myself studying up on the various coins that I'm hodling, resisting having weak hands, and taking a high interest to this community.

I've always been a gambling man.

Just watching my hodlings go up tonight felt really good. I'd done my research, I'm now embedded into the current events taking place. I've even got my fiance back into wanting to invest in this. This is something that will change the greater good of the world. I never thought that I'd place so much into currency. A digital one at that. However, the times are changing and I'm actually saving money now. Feels good. In fact, I've never felt so comfortable with the amount of saving I've done.

Don't ever spend more than you can afford to put in

Seeing things hit pretty low can be disheartening from what I've learned so far. My best tactic is to just check in a few days later. Everything ( eventually ) should recover. Consistently checking and seeing it drop is bound to just drive you crazy to the point of panic selling. I know my first few weeks of trading I was doing that. Now, it's a bit better. All in all, I'd like to see more of my interested friends and family join in on this.


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