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I moved to Hive. You can read all my content there.
Due to a sad series of events steem is no longer decentralized nor censorship-resistant.
I don't know how it will look like in the future but right now it's more like a personal database than a proper blockchain.
Check out Hive.io


Good job with all the 50 posts, and congrats on being done with the first series! I learned more than a few "useless" funfacts from your posts :) And good luck with your next project!

thanks :) I had fun for 50 days

Yea, I can imagine. How did you even learn so many different useless facts? :)

Many hours browsing the internet and checking some books :)
And some I already knew or had an idea. I just had to learn a bit more and find sources.

Ah, nice. I can imagine that you must have learned a lot of stuff while investigating for new useless info to share :)

Yeah. Pretty cool stuff. One I learned at school a long time ago and I didn't remember is that diamonds are made of a single molecule regardless their size.
How could I forget something like that?!

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