Agritsya raised a happy toast for himself and for

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gritsya raised a happy toast for himself and for his friends, and at that moment he was presented with some gifts and in these gifts sometimes there is such hatred that very much can affect a person to one girl gave a soft toy to the child And after a while in this toy relatives and she found some rusty needles that were deeply driven inside and of course lineman Dokuchaev People sometimes find at home or in the office terrible things I remember how one businessman at the threshold of your office found a beast rski killed cat and after a while with it began to happen broke a car lost his business seriously ill began to abuse alcohol to at least somehow remove his depression And until then he did not understand the cause of what is happening until he realized that I had some of it hates and wishes you could even to tear down helpless defenseless animals that's what they did not want him and that's why such situations happen very often People sometimes find so-called pads by the way it has always been believed that if a pod Hell, he found at least loses its magical power and of course that he can not gate affects the person but the exchange lastl

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