The value of friendship.

in #blog6 years ago

Obviously your true friends will show up when you have a hard time. This thing would tell you all the grow-ups and is actually true.

I was never a person who was telling about my problems to whole world. Even when I had cancer and were in the hospital it was silience from my side. I didn’t wanted them to worry or look at me like “sick”. The true friends found it out very quickly. That was a time when I discovered who will give much just to save my life.

Now I am healthy but life doesn’t save me. I was kicked in my ass very hard and painful and still didn’t gave up. The true friends also show up this time with heart and hand ready to help me to stand up.

Is doesn’t matter how long I don’t speak with them we are always fighting for each other like lions.

Is not easy to find a friends like this. I truly appreciate that my friends love me by who I am - not by who they want me to became.

If sometimes you’re get the idea to leave your friends for love for example I can recommend you not to do it! Never! Love came and go but friends became forever!

I love those people around me. I will always appreciate that I have them. That is the value of friendship. People say that love is the strongest power in the world. In my opinion - the true friends are!

They will give you power and help believe in yourself! They will be with you doesn’t matter what!

Remember about them and take care about every single day.



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