How to became the best pedagogues in the world?

in #blog6 years ago

In our profession we don't have space for judges, moralize, censures or looking down on somebody.

Our mission is happiness of other people. Doesn't matter who you are: prisoner, teenager with problems, alone mother, alcoholic, druggy...

Like everybody can easy recognize not every pedagogue is real pedagogue...

What I mean?

Is not your diploma which make you a pedagogue. Is you! Is your personality.

I want you to remember one thing for all your life: DON'T JUDGE PEOPLE NEVER

I'm sending greetings to amazing people I meet in this academic year. You guys are incredible. I started believe in people again.


Those people know how to make your day better.




nice to see you dear....good post looking so cute.....♥♥♥

Thank you so much @afrinsultana <3


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