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I noticed a couple of things this week that left me with some questions. I'm going to list them in random order to involve you in my quandary. Maybe you can shed some light for me.


I am not an early adopter type. My instinct is to be careful and to stand back to check things out before jumping in. The more sure people are of their opinion or product and the more absolute they are in how they express themselves, the more I doubt and hold back.

As a result, I came to cryptocurrency late and may still be a spectator if it had not been for Steemit. Steemit made it possible for me to enter this new world as it also opened a way for me to start blogging. This last was a skill I had long contemplated acquiring.

In a recent post, @sydesjokes showed me how much money I would have now if I had spent $5 on Bitcoin when it started. This motivates me to be a faster adopter of new things. @joanstewart often advises me (and others) to properly research any new currency or programme. I have tried to do this.

There is an old story of an experienced preacher well-known for raising his voice during his sermons. His wife saw this notation next to one of the points in his sermon notes: 'Weak point. Shout like hell!'

Many of the white papers I have read, sounds a little like this preacher. Too sure, too confident, too absolute. Research in a new world is not an easy thing. There is not a lot of historical data available, is there? No one can say, 'The last time we did this...'

Here is the random list of things that brought about my questions.

1. The way it used to be on Steemit

@giantbear is one of my favourite authors on Steemit. In a recent post that she claims is not a rant, she gently rants about followers on Steemit not following anymore. She describes a time on Steemit where people would very actively support one another. Then things changed a couple of times. She now has 3500 followers and less than 200 votes on a post. Where are the rest, she laments.

In my time here, I have never paid any attention to my feed. Engaging with people on a regular basis has been challenging and the names keep changing. Getting to know people well, as @giantbear describes, is a foreign concept to me here. I have used @kryptonia with great success and joining #steemitbloggers and #teamsouthafrica on discord has been very rewarding. However, I cannot picture regular engagement on Steemit without the help of such services.


How many people have left @Steemit or become inactive? Are there still new people signing up? How far will the price of Steem drop? Will Steemit become better if the price was to go up?

2. Velocity

More changes are coming on 25 September. It is called a Hardfork and my spellchecking software is unaware that there is such a word. I am not too worried about how this will affect Witnesses and whales and such. They all seem well-equipped and informed. I am unable to determine whether these changes will be good for regular users like you and me. For all the talk about the power and fairness of decentralization, Steemit seems not that different from the regular world...


Will the impending changes be good for us? Who will benefit the most?

3. Everyone on the bandwagon

I'm very interested in steempress.io that enables me to have a Wordpress blog that will automatically publish on Steemit. I post once and two worlds open up. I have not taken the plunge but my impressions are good and the steempress guys support their bloggers significantly on Steemit with strong upvotes. (I suppose by the time I do take the plunge, the support will be weaker as many more will have signed up... Story of my life.)

Then I discovered Weku. They are basically a clone of Steemit. The strong, nearly precise similarity unnerved me and I did not sign up. They are in beta and my instinct is to wait for a bit. You may not want to wait as long as you can earn Weku dollars...

And then I discovered Kblog! These guys I know better as they are from @kryptonia and I signed up. But here is the thing. It is just another version of Steemit. Here you earn Superior Coin and I find that attractive. I'm also already engaged with many of the users because of my use of @kryptonia.


Why is everyone starting their own version of Steemit? Do they know something about Steemit that I do not? How do you balance posting on so many different platforms? Do you just copy and paste content from one to the other? Are these new platforms attractive because they do not yet have voting bots and whales sitting in a circle? Is joining them early adoption or falling for copycats with no real original ideas?

What is going on?

I do not expect you to answer all or any of my questions. You are not my research assistant... But if you have opinions or links to opinions, please share them with us. Or tell me that my questions are nonsensical and I should just carry on posting. Just don't sound too sure of yourself... :-)


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Well... here is my opinion. I like Steemit a lot, it has rules. I think all these clones are made by people who want to diminish the power of steemit or maybe there is something bad about steemit that don’t know. I put a lot of effort in my steemit posts and I don’t want to loose them, so I signed up for the clones and I intend to transfer them, little by little. Like someone else commented, it is better to have a bigger presence on the web. Even if it is duplicate content, it is yours. As I am writing this, I think I will mention it on every post that I publish on other platforms.

So, I use Kblog, weku and whaleshares. So far I noticed that weku is full of spammers, many account holders begging to upvote and following hundreds desperately. I think whaleshares will be good, looks more serious. Anyway, let’s see. @starjewel via Kryptonia

To me, i will advice posting different things on steemit and kblog. Having the same post on both pltform may affect search engine result in the future. blogjeremiah from kryptonia

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  1. People didn't left steemit while they were busy in completing the tasks on kryptonia. Thats why people are not searching feed in steemit. just kidding ha. But the count has reduced on blockchain platforms and existing users split and using multiple usecases of blockchain.
  2. Time will tell the truth, but don't concentrate more or lose hope on these changes. Just stay normal.
  3. A success formula will be copied and mushrooms will grow more when it rains. Only successful products will be picked up by the farmer.

I hope you understand my answers. kcherukuri from kryptonia.

I find I only have so much time I can give to the computer and when Steemit first came out I was on it longer then I should have been. I have cut back maybe there are more people like me and they are cutting back. Kryptonia @richard78624

Good to ask questions, crypto has gone down (my feeling is it will come back slowly again), with loss of earnings many jump ship seeking the next best shiny thing available (watched that happen with Tsu).

Steemit hardfork some reading to assist trying to understand the going on in the workroom under the platform. https://steemit.com/steem/@taskmaster4450/hard-fork-q3-2018-smts-getting-closer |
https://www.econotimes.com/Steem-Disrupting-traditional-social-media-by-incentivizing-users-1419534 Not being technical it is easier to read.

Every crypto is new, giving regular warnings, reminding people one day you may sit with a healthy balance the next it could be gone! Many will invest into more than one platform as a precautionary measure.

When first arriving online blogging, the idea is to weave yourself a web, sharing to many places, using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in your endeavors to be seen, this has grown more than ten fold in the past ten years.

IMHO - Find a few places where you feel comfortable and keep doing what you do, meeting and chatting with people, personally I don't like spreading out to a point where you lose human interaction.

Hope this helps @reonlouw, thank you for the mention.

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I'm just here to read the answers others are giving. I'm of the mind that Steemit is just going through a slump and it could be a good time to invest a little while the prices are low. From what I can glean from reading the people who seem to know is Steem will rebound but it may take a few months

Keep up the good work. Good content will get likes. @kryptonia @ianstevenson

There is a 2 weeks waiting period for new accounts on Steemit, but the steem price dropped by 50% in 1,5 months. It is difficult to pas the 2 cents threshold. It makes it frustrating.
Greetings from Kryptonia, @nexit!

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I was researching Busy and I do not know (or forget) how I ended up reading your post. Before answering, enter into several parts that you mention so I live steemit from the simple pleasure of navigating and quenching my thirst for knowledge. I can vote for you, follow you and retest your post without costing anything monetarily speaking. So I appreciate that although I do not have money I can enjoy these things that add value to my afternoons. I love everything that is free: God, the air, the water, the sun, steemit and now read to you. Greetings. (I do not speak English, this is a translator)

Estaba investigando sobre Busy y no se ( o ya olvide) como termine leyendo tu post. Antes de responder, entre en varias partes que mencionas asi que vivo steemit desde el simple placer de navegar y saciar mi sed de conocimiento. Puedo votar por ti, seguirte y reesteemear tu post sin que me cueste nada monetariamente hablando. Así que agradezco que aunque no poseo dinero puedo disfrutar de estas cosas que agregan valor a mis tardes. Amo todo lo que es gratis: Dios, el aire, el agua, el sol , steemit y ahora leerte. Saludos.