The Playlist I Used To Write My Book

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I'm a total geek- when writing my book Stay Away From The Libertarians! I kind of asked myself "if this was to be made into film, what soundtrack would be in the background?" So here you go.

1. Teenage Anarchist

2. All The Stars

3. Po'Dunk

4. X Gonna Give It To Ya

5. Till The Tequilla Runs Out

6. When My Time Comes

7. Thats What I Like

8. Feel It Still

9. Bohemian Rhapsody

10. Money For Nothing

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X gonna give it to ya, gonna give it to ya, x gonna give it to ya, ruff ruff.
Good song. Damn it Remso, I’m gonna buy the book ok!!! Is it on kindle? Give it a plug!

You can pre-order your Kindle edition this Thursday! OR you can get a signed print copy here (and you can pay in STEEM Dollars!)

You’re gonna be on the Joey Clark Radio hour! Man I love that guy. He used to have a podcast. I think he went to a local show now. That’ll be a great interview.

yeah Joey is awesome