My Cool Summer Story

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When the calendar hits the month of April, the feeling of excitement intensifies as the day goes by. I remember about 10 years ago, that was in my high school years, the month of April and May is the most awaited month of me and my peers. It is school break! We are now placing our papers aside and exchange it with some cheap fishing gears for the next two months. School is sometimes tiring, isn't it?


The awaited time has come, the summer break! Not a week would pass that we won't visit the local beach and take a swim on the crystal clear waters. Get our cheap fishing gears ready (i meant a nylon string, a small fishing hook, and lots of sandworms for bait!), take a small boat with my peers, and then row our way to the deeper waters where fish are abundant. Is it fun? Big yes!


I can say that at least my childhood days were cool. Exploring the depths of the see, engage with the community of fisher folks and grow and emphasise with their struggle. We have many countless experiences that when I and my peers see each other we always talk about those memories and break out in laughter.


One of those was when we were fishing one afternoon. The water was calm, the sun shines so brightly and everything seems fine. We are five on the boat, casting our fishing hooks on the calm water when suddenly a sea turtle appeared just an arm span away from our boat. All I can see is its head and its back. And one of my peers, stunned by what he saw, is about to jump to the water out of great shock. Instead of comforting him the whole squad just broke out in laughter and he, perplexed by the moment, just laughed together with us. Those were one of the epic fails we had back when we were just teens.


But yeah, the time passes by. We grow old. We travelled our own life as we part ways. I am blessed to have an opportunity to go to university and pursue a degree. My peers did not. Although we took different routes as we grow old, we did not forget those cool things we've done together when we were young.


These pics that I have shared with you were taken about a week ago. Every time I visit those place I cannot miss but remember those great times of my childhood. My cool summer times. Days have gone and things change, but those sweet memories still stay.


And this is my summer story.

All photos were taken by @realnairda. Location: Campusong, Borbon, Cebu, Philippines.(10.818028,124.031950) Camera: Huawei Y6 (smartphone)

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Nice pictures. Hope you may still enjoy a break at your old haunts.

Thank you so much @momzillanc! Until the beach doesn't close we can still continue to enjoy this God's gift. God bless you.😊