How's your Monday going?

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It's Monday again. Most public school here in the Philipines starts their regular classes today. As expected, there will be packed public transportation.


Most students across the countryside now go back to the city where they study, along with the workers and other passengers. This is a common scenario in a public transit here. People would dare to hop in a packed bus just to get to school or work on time.

Have you experienced this? How was it?

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Does the school year begin at this time of year? In America, schools are winding down for the year at this time. Most schools here end the term for the school year the end of May or first week of June, and begin the next school year at the end of August or first week of September. And, in grade school at least, school busing is provided.

Yes, @momzillanc. Most public schools here, primary and secondary start in June. In my college years, classes start in June also. Not until in last year where the class started July. Now they change it again and classes start this coming August. Maybe they are adapting to the globalization whatsoever. Also, our school don't have school buses. I see school buses here but they are from private universities. Thanks for dropping by @momzillanc. Best regards.😊

familiar situation 😈

Cool! I could say it's not "only in the Philippines" then. Hehe. 😁 Thanks for commenting @paganlord. 😊

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