Cambodian weddings

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Hi Steem friends… it's been awhile I have been here. Due to some private issues I wasn't in the mood for writing. But I am back and start again for the start.

Today I want to share you something about Cambodian weddings.

Last week me and my girlfriend where at a wedding of her cousin in a village not far from Phnom Penh.

Cambodian weddings are slightly different then western wedding these weddings take up to 3 days with rituals and ceremonies. And very very loud music. It's insane how loud, your ears are still making the beep sound after a week.

The wedding starts at early dawn (05.00) till (0.00) midnight every day.

Early in the morning with the first ceremony it starts with the blessings from the monk's and everyone brings a offer, this comes in a bowl with fruit. After the ceremony it's time for breakfast this mostly fruit and soup with meat and rice.. and it's delicious too.

With every ceremony comes different clothing style new make up etc. so you understand it's very time consuming process. All the women are running up and down to make everything ready for the next ceremony. In the meantime the guests are just waiting and talking with other family members.The photographer is constantly making images of the bride couple and everything has to be perfect, even if the hand position is a little off it has to be corrected. During the day everyone else has to be on the photo with the couple.

When the evening falls other guests and relatives will arrive and they will be directed to their tables where food and a lot of beer is being served. When it's get later more guests are getting drunk and they all start dance.. not the way we use to dance they are dancing around a object that has to pretend as Buddha pretty cool huh?

The total of family and friends and other relatives can add up to 500 people.. and each guest gives about $50.- for the couple. And it will be announced how much someone has given to the couple. I always thought it was some rituals or praying that was said over the speakers but no it's the accountant hahaha. So anyway it's a good startup for their new lives although it has a downside… here in Cambodia families with a lot of daughters is like a goldmine because the man has to pay the family about 5 or 7 thousand dollars to marry the girl. So actually they are selling their daughter. And most marriages are pre arranged at a very young age. They will see how much money each family has and if they are rich, the families agree that there is going to be a pre arranged wedding. Although the young woman can refuse to marry the man.

So you see most of these marriages are not born out of love but just for money. Specially in the villages. That's also why there is a lot cheating and divorces.

To get divorced it's pretty simple and the man can get remarried but the women has to wait 10 months to get married again…

In the bigger cities you will find more relationships and marriage that are born from love..

Thanks for reading. And have a nice day.

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