When Government Prevents Speech It Decides What Is Right And Wrong

in blog •  last year 

It is definitely dangerous when Government gets to decide what is good speech and what is offensive speech. Slowly government will begin using this power over speech to control more and more of its citizens actions and speech. If past history tells us anything, government will take more and more freedom from the people. Governments love when the people demand these freedoms are taken away, because that just makes their job easier on its road to totalitarianism. First we demand government control offensive speech, then they lock away all the offenders. Next offensive speech becomes any speech we don’t agree with. Next it is speech that offends the government, next it is any speech that is anti-government, next it’s any speech that does not build up the government.

The slippery slope is very slippery. Don’t even get on that hill. Free speech is exactly that Free.


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